Unique Workspace Designs to use at Home

3. Corner Office

3. Corner Office

Unique Workspace Designs to use at Home

More people in this day and age are all about working from home. Some people prefer it this way so to spend time in a place that they are most comfortable in and others simply because they want to be closer to their loved ones at all times. No matter the reason working at home is, we can all agree that there is need for a comfortable and suitable workspace at home. Here, for you, are some incredibly creative and unique ways that you can design your workspace. These ideas can be used for both tiny spaced homes and spacious homes just as well.

Simple Color Theme Designs

Many people can agree that the colors that you are surrounded by can greatly influence your creativity. With this in mind, you can give your workspace a simple color scheme so to help tune down the distractions that bright and vivid colors might bring about. The furniture that you use for your work space can have colors that will blend in well with your walls.

Basic Furniture

Simplicity is key. One can swear on this phrase. If you are of the people who agree with this phrase, then this design is perfect for you to try out. It involves using basic and simple furniture. You can use simple folding out tables and chairs just as well. This is a perfect design if you leave in a tiny spaced home. You can simply fold the chair and table and put them away when you are done using them. This is quite convenient.

Corner Office

In your home, pick out that isolated corner in a room that people rarely come in to bother you as you well. On this corner, you can set up your work space. With this, you can add more storage space for your office by installing a cabinet above your table. This is a great way to save floor space in the room whilst creating an organized way to keep your files and books.

Convenient Cabinets

Adding shelves and cabinets to your work from home work space is basically one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You can install the shelves and cabinets near or above your work space. This way, it will be easier for you to reach for your documents and at the same time, it will definitely help you keep your work space tidy and clean.

Window View Office

If you have a good view out of your window there is no reason for you to not have you work space facing out the window. This design for a work space gives you an opportunity to look out the window and enjoy the view and at the same time get you some inspiration and refreshment of your mind. Working from home would not get better than this truth be told!

Black and White Theme

Back to the basics! There is no better color combination than mixing black and white. It is such a simple color dual, but best believe that it works for just about anything. This simple color theme will also help bring to your work space a professional and serious look. The black and white absolutely scream out “focus!” Using the black and white color scheme is also a great way to separate your work space from the rest of the room. Those around you will know which areas are forbidden and which ones they can freely move around and mess up.

“C” Shaped Desk

Another brilliant way to add more working space in your home office is by using a “C” shaped desk. This means that there is more room for you to lay out your books and other document without having to pile up and mess up the work space. The “C” shaped table also provides some form of division, dividing your work space from the other parts of the room. You can also add to this some shelves and cabinets to hang above the table.

Under Stairs Work Space

This DIY is perfect to use if you have limited space in your home. This is a great way to utilize all the space in the house. The space under the stairs makes for the perfect work space. You can choose to use the space whilst its closed up making a closet office of sort, or you can re-design it so that it becomes more of an open space.

Information Wall

On one of the walls of your home office or working space, you can place some important information such as short note, reminders, appointments and even the calendar. This wall will definitely help bring up that office feel and look for your workspace. This idea will also help you easily locate the important tweaks of your work.

Attic Office

If your house has an attic, I see no reason why you cannot use this space as your work space. Instead of leaving your attic untidy and dusty, you can clean it up and revamp it to make a cozy and great looking work space. You can add a window to the roof so to bring in more natural light into the attic. You can turn it up and use furniture and colors that make you feel most comfortable to work.


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