Some Great and Creative DIY Christmas Ideas Anyone Can Do

Some Great and Creative DIY Christmas Ideas Anyone Can Do 6

Some Great and Creative DIY Christmas Ideas Anyone Can Do 6

When Thanksgiving holiday season is approaching, we all know that Christmas is almost right around the corner. Both of these seasons are similar and celebrate sharing and caring, but of course they are differnet and we need to get ready for Christmas. Don’t let the beginning Christmas time come to quickly for you without jazzing up your home with some homemade decorations. At the same, by making these, you’ll be saving some time and money away from the hustle and bustle of normal shopping. Wouldn’t you like to show your holiday jolliness and festiveness with these ten great ideas? We know everyone will say “Yes, of course. Why not?”  These ten ideas are ten more ways to help you hone your skill for instilling joy and love in the hearts and minds of others. Every single one of these ideas is a great way to enhance not only the look and feel of your home and yard outdoors, but also the ambience and excitement. When family, friends and guests gaze upon any or all of these crafts, they will surely be amazed and feel more welcomed to visit again and again. Let’s all have a happy holiday season with these great DIY ideas this year and every year to come.

[ straws ‘koosh’ ball ] These days, restaurants and convenient stores can practically give away hundreds if not thousands of plastic straws. Well, surely you might get one or two straws from somewhere almost every day.  So, I bet you might have some straws just waiting for attention and to be used for a new better purpose. This is a wonderful to use up plenty of those pesky straws lying around in the kitchen. Just bundle up about 20 to 25 straws, tie them with a string or twisty-tie, bend them in opposing directions and spray paint them with your favorite color.

[paper snowflakes] During the winter season, snow comes and snow goes. Snow can brighten up any place and anyone. But with these ideas for paper cut out snowflakes, you will have lasting decorations that can make you and others happy all the time. There are four great patterns, enough for everyone. Just get some paper, scissors and a hole-puncher, and let it snow, let it snow.


[ reversed images for wood-transfer ] Maybe you can remember long ago when you carved a name or heart into a piece of wood to show your fondness and appreciation for someone or something. For a more classic and rustic look and feel, try out a few of these wood-transfer patterns that will virtually last forever. How much wood could you chuck if you could chuck wood? This we may never know, but we certainly do know that you can nicely imprint patterns into a wood without chucking anything.


[ reef of ribbons ] The reef is an indispensable keepsake piece for every winter and Christmas season. For some, it can represent a circle of life, joy, hope and giving and for others it is just a necessary component of holiday decorations. Either way, this round ribbon reef is easy and quick to make, so plenty can be made in just a short time. Simply get a metal or plastic loop about the diameter of one’s arm, and bow tie two or more colors or ribbons all the way around the loop.

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