Simple DIY Furniture Transformation

14.Bed base to Garden Chair

14.Bed base to Garden Chair

Repurpose your furniture pieces into custom creations that will look classy and extra hard work look using simple and affordable ideas;

Headboard/Footboard Ideas

There is always a way to recycle an old bed head when the time comes. This project shouldn’t deceive you, it is very simple yet the result is just magical. The headboard/footboard can be transformed into a beautiful bench. The footboard can be used for the arm rests on the bench but you may as well use it for under the seat for a different look. Both ways are cute. Make sure that at the end of your project; you fill all your nail holes, prime and paint.

Double Chair Bench

Let’s work something together. You can actually play with your two chairs and that creative mind to get yourself a wonderful bench for your home or store. Transform it to the way you would prefer it to be to meet your needs.

Repurposed Dressers

Do you have a mudroom or entryway in your home? Here is an inspirational idea to repurpose and recycle old dressers to a place where you or your guests will take off shoes, hang jackets and even cover the junk. This is by far a most unique piece of furniture and a great conversation piece.

Melamine Furniture Transformation

I must admit that this transformation is awesome. You will need a melamine cabinet, paint brushes, primer, latex-acrylic paint, miter saw, wood glue, plastic wood and handles.  Say goodbye to a boring shelf look.

Ugly Coffee Table to an Upholstered Bench

Do you throw away an old coffee table with a dinged up or stained top? No, let it end today because there is a way you can change into an elegant bench for your hallway, bed end or an ottoman in front of your sofa. Make it morph into a different creature. Simply make sure the table is sturdy, paint the legs, decide where to place the buttons, attach the foam, wrap it up with batting, add fabric to make it pretty, tuft the button and trim.

Desk to Bench

For this project to be a success, you need reclaimed lumber, an antique desk, headboard and door, salvaged new old stock pipes, vintage oak cabinet, country chic midnight sky, gloss polyurethane. Start by separating the side panels of the antique desk from the drawers. There are two panels back to back joined together on the right side. The top bench seat and interior shelf were all crafted from the reclaimed lumber. Fix the seat back; seal all the reclaimed wood with gloss. Space under the bench was painted in midnight sky and the bench body coated in Pittsburgh Gray and then layered with Vermont slate.

White Wood Chest

Bedroom storage comes in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right pieces for your bedroom is important in striking a balance between practicality and style.  When it comes to keeping your clothes and bed linen tucked away for when you need them, then practical bedroom chest of drawers are essential. Bedroom drawers become a vital consideration. With regards to style, a white wooden chest of drawers can easily impact the overall look and atmosphere of your room.

Dresser to wine rack

Here is another amazing DIY furniture transformation of a dresser to wine rack. The base is painted in chalk while darker color on the top. Bottom two drawers removed and handles reused.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Any kind of door can be put on a track and/ or casters to make it a rolling or sliding version. So if you have an old door hanging around, all you will ever need is hardware.  Install and enjoy.

Dresser into Vanity

An attic is often the easiest place to add onto your house. No basics or hindrances to worry about. Everything is already in place; you just have to convert an empty space with your creativity and little energy. Oooh, how amazing this is?

Love Bench

Here is another bench DIY idea. Do you have a bed frame that mean so much to you? Like the one that was handed down for generations or your first baby’s bed but you no longer use it yet you do not want to throw it out? Follow almost same procedures as the previous one, adding more creativity for a piece of furniture that is so dear to your heart.

Dresser Turned Pretty

You will admit with me that is one of those shocking transformations. See how spotless and cute this shelf is. You can proudly put it in your living room or bedroom.

Shelf lock into Storage Trunk

Organizing your cleaning utensils can be a difficult thing to do, but DIY is offering you many ideas including this without paying a single penny. It is nice storage transformation.

Bed base to Garden Chair

Old beds don’t go waste. See, this is one among many projects they can do too.

Bedside Tables Transformation

Change the woody look to a fancy and colorful bedside table. They are multifunctional and besides that, they spice and warm up your bedroom to be more cozy and comfy.

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