Pallet Projects For Your Garden This Spring

Pallet Projects For Your Garden This Spring 11

Pallet Projects For Your Garden This Spring 11

Pallet Projects For Your Garden This Spring

Spring is finally here and your garden is coming to life, here are a few ways to decorate and optimize space in your garden using pallets.

Picture 1-Pallet Compost Bin

This compost bin gives you a great are to store compost whilst maintaining the theme of your garden with nothing looking out of place. It blends right in.

Picture 2- Raised Floor Bed

This can be made by beginners and experts alike, it allows for flowers to be displayed well especially when there are a lot of flowers on display.

Picture 3 – DIY Pallet Planter

So maybe you have just started gardening and want to display your new plants. This is a great idea to save space and show of your blossoming garden.

Picture 4- Squash Growing Rack

If you are into all things squash this rack is a lovely place to plant them in.

Picture 5 –Rainbow Pallet Flower Planter

Looking for something fun for you and the kids to do outside? This colorful pallet will be a really fun way to get everyone’s hands busy in the garden and the product will be beautiful!

Picture 6 –Pallet Potting Bench

This is a great way to have all your fave plants on display and it saves space if you have a small garden.

Picture 7- Tin Can Planters

So you have all these tins and a pallet lying around… Why not make a new addition to your garden with some paint, tins and creative DIY idea.

Picture 8-Garden Supply Storage

Tired of losing your tools? Use this idea to keep them all stored safely and make your tools easy to find.

Picture 9 – Pallet Gardening Table

Want to work in the garden but tired of having to run back and forth to find things. Make this easy workspace just for your garden.

Picture 10- DIY Hanging Garden with Pallets

Plant more and save space with this idea

Picture 12- Pallet Garden

This is an easy DIY way to starting your own garden this spring using pallets.

Picture 13- Wooden Pathway

Have a few pallets lying around and a rocky pathway in your garden? Use this idea to solve your problem.

Picture 14-Fence With Mason Jars

Use mason jars and pallets to light up your garden at night

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