How to Make a Statement in Halloween Festival

6.DIY Halloween Treats

6.DIY Halloween Treats

Halloween decoration is more than just black and orange table cloth. There is so much that can be done that will blow your mind. Not just you, but your guests too. Well, if your complain is why use so much money for that one day; I am here to tell you that there are things you can do which wont victimize your pockets at all. You only have to go out of the ordinary way and be more creative. You will be amazed on the magic your hands can do and forgive yourself for underestimating your potentials. Well, I have collected different Halloween projects which I think they are enough to leave a statement in your upcoming Halloween party or dinner with your family. Kindly, go through them and decide which one you would like to put into action depending on your resources, time or theme.

Floating Candles

Anything floating is fascinating. These candles are carefully installed in lieu of chandeliers. Of course theses are not real candles, you can make more using the toilet paper rolls then LED lights are installed at the top. They create a dark mood which will definitely remind you of Harry Potter.

Pillowcase Chair Covers

Think about changing the dinning place look by dressing your chairs with these creepy ghost faces on the covers. This is a face of Jack –O- Lantern which is achieved by cutting a black fabric into nose, eyes and mouth then glued on the orange covers. The little bow on top gives the best final look.

DIY Origami Halloween lights

They are perfect for a wall corner dipped in a glass vase filled with fine sand halfway accompanied by the a little black wicked witch hat. White, Black and Orange is a great combination.

Halloween Monster Cups

Go crazy with ordinary paper or plastic cups which you will paint into different colors corresponding to the four monsters; Frankenstein monster, Pumpkin monster then Ghost and Spider monster. Glue the goobly eyes then draw the rest of the face with a marker. Black pipe cleaners were added to the Spider monster as legs, green spiral wire to the pumpkin monster. It is a great project to do with your kids.

DIY Pumpkin Heart

This is a cute and less scary decor. These are simply poker dotted ribbons glued all around the pumpkin at equal distance apart. Then a big heart is cut and attached on top. The little pumpkins are sprayed in gold and silver, grouped together to form a wonderful table décor.

DIY Halloween Treats

Sounds like a boding time trick. Show your kids this picture and of course they will join you for this project. Entertain the kids guests coming to the trick or treats with these little cute batman candy containers.

Chalkboard Treat Buckets

Are you looking for a place to fill in your candies and goodies on a Halloween day, don’t stress too much. This will do you a favor. When grouped together, they are just adorable. You can change the orange and black colors to red and white for Christmas festive.

DIY Skull String Art

String art has been one among the popular DIY projects these days. Why not making a skull too using the same technique and show off your skills?  Place it on the wall, desk or on top of the piano, anywhere that it can be noticed.

DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts

It is a perfect outdoor Halloween decor. You can them from the ceiling or the tree and let them dance to the wind beat.

DIY Halloween Spider Web

Redecorate your living room with this huge web on our wall space with big and small fake spiders crawling on it. The white wall will be transformed to a spooky area as simple as that.

Angry Glowing Ghosts

Make a group of little ghosts with angry eyes looking for someone to scare. Put the tea candles underneath to achieve the glow which will bring so much difference in the night when lights are off.

DIY Spider web Wreath

The art of the wreath has gone to another dimension by this spider web creative idea. It is simple and looking great. Inform everyone that it is Halloween today.

Easy White Hanging Ghosts

This is a 10 minutes craft which you can instruct your kids to do while sitting back and watching them without getting involved. They are perfect for a dining room or doorway surprise.

Male Female Ghosts

The idea here is not far from the previous one; the only difference is identifying the female from male ghosts by giving the female ghosts an orange ribbon bow on their head. Perfect.


Staircase Decorations

Scare those people who wake up in the middle of the night to drink water from the kitchen with this easy decoration. It will take time to prepare all the pieces but the centerpiece is the Jack –O- Lantern face.

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