How to Make Air Conditioner a Part of Your Interior Decoration

2. secret air conditioner

2. secret air conditioner

To ward off summer heat, air conditioner has somewhat become a necessity these days. About three quarter of American population has air conditioners installed in their homes. The instant relief it brings from the stifling heat is the reason why you see them, in almost every other house. For those who put great care into decoration of their houses, the indoor units can be a nemesis.

Window AC unit sticking out of the wall in your beautiful house pulls your gaze toward it time and again making you wish it would magically disappear behind a wall. Do you find yourself stuck in a similar situation? To save you from the predicament, here are some ideas you can follow to keep your air conditioner out of sight as well as make it a natural part of your home decoration.

Proper Location for Installation of your Air Conditioner

Once your air conditioner (true for window AC) is installed, you can’t change the position of it, so decide beforehand where you want it installed; above your bed, door or simply inside an open cabinet chamber. Get hold of an accomplished emergency heating and cooling company that can provide expert technicians to ensure safe and sound installation of your AC as well as help you select the ideal place for it.

Bedrooms, living room and library are the areas of your house that are frequently occupied. Install the AC units higher on the walls for even cooling. It will also keep it out of direct view. After placing the unit right, you can further decorate your interior in a way that could keep the attention away from the unit and cover it up beautifully

Creative Ideas to Conceal Indoor AC Units

There are no limitations when it comes to decorating your home; you can make changes in your living space whenever you feel it needs an upgrade. In this case, decorate around the AC units and keep it out of view.

Decorating Walls:

The best thing you can do to integrate your units to your home decor is painting your wall, or covering it up with beautiful wallpaper. If your AC unit is black, you can paint your wall black to match its color, and surround the wall with different decorative elements like a big collage of family photos or a stylish bookshelf.

Also, you can use your wall as a canvas and paint beautiful art designs, or surround your wall with different scenic paintings and murals.  

Custom Covers:

If your indoor AC unit is not strategically placed, do not worry. You can still cover it using common items. It can be fun creating your own cover, giving it a stroke of your imagination. Use spare wooden blocks to construct a cabinet or a block to conceal the unit. Make sure you leave some space for ventilation. Wooden lattice is the perfect design to hide the AC unit and keep it ventilated.

Covering Outdoor Units:

The exterior design of your house is as important as the interior. Any visitor would see the exterior first and a big AC unit in your yard most likely won’t be a pleasing sight.

You can use pallets to make beautiful outdoor unit covers. Make a fence out of pallets and design it such a way that it doesn’t cover the unit completely. Surround it with vibrant plants and paint the boards with attractive colors.

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