Incredible DIY Flower Pot Decor

15. Lace Decor on Pots

15. Lace Decor on Pots

I absolutely love everything to do with flowers and any other plants really. I make sure that my plants are always watered and healthy. To me, the plant pots that my plants are in are very important. They help bring out the life in the plants, in my opinion. To me, appearance is very important, including the appearance of my plants through the plant pots I use. If you are like me and like to make sure that the pots in which your plants are in are always great appearance wise, then you are at the right place. Take a look at these amazing DIYs that you can use for your plant pots!

Creative Old Pots

For those old plant pots that you plan on throwing away, you can use to make some creative and artsy creations for your garden. You can glue the pots together to create different shapes and paint over the pots to give them a completely new look. You can make some creative bird feeders or bird baths with this idea!

Rustic Succulent Pots

In my opinion, one can never go wrong with the rustic look. It a great way to decorate your pots with simplicity and still make a big difference in the way the pots look. If you are to place these plant pots indoors, you can use the rustic style to blend in with your interior decoration.

Terra Cotta Pots

As much as using plain terra cotta pots for your plants is acceptable and no problem at all, you can also paint over the pots into any color of your choice. This will create a more colorful appearance for the pots. This is an easy and cheaper way of having yourself a variety of pots for your plants without going through many difficulties.

DIY Terra Cotta Pots

There is so much that you can do with terra cotta pots. If you do not want to use the plain and simple terra cotta pots, you can easily add some detail to the pots so that they suit your preference. You can use different materials to decorate the pots and they will look good anyways.

DIY Marble Painted Pots

If you feel as though your interior décor needs a little pop of color, this is a DIY you must definitely try out. It involves pouring different colored paint onto some plant pots so to create the marble paint effect. You can use some beautiful bright colors to paint the pots, this way when where ever you place the pots, they will pop and be outstanding, and thus bringing some color to dull areas!

Scallop Shell Terra Cotta Pot Decor

This is definitely an incredible way to decorate your plant pots. It is absolutely beautiful and unique. It basically involves sticking some scallop shelves around the rim of your plant pots. You can the decide whether or not to paint over the shelves and the pot the same color, or simply paint over the plant pot and leave the scallop shelves in their natural color.

Mog Podge

Believe it or not, you can use mog podge glue to help decorate your plant pots. Obviously, this type of decoration for plants pots is best used when the pots will not be exposed to extreme weathers. This way, the glue is not affected in any way.

Plant Pot Pyramid

Using a unique way to position your plant pots can make all the difference. One way of positioning plant pots is by placing them one on top of the in the order of the biggest pot on the bottom and the smallest on the top. This way, you will create a pyramid of some sort. This is best used for plants that grow long and flow downward.

Metallic Coat Pots

This DIY is quite easy to do and the outcome is absolutely to die for! Imagine having your plants in some beautiful metal looking pots. This is absolutely classy and unique! You can achieve this look by painting over your ordinary plastic plant pots with some metallic paint. To achieve the perfect metallic look, it would be best to use some metal natural looking colors such as silver.

DIY Stenciled Pots

For an easy and quick way to decorate your plain plant pots, you can use some stencils to create some incredible patterns onto the pots. The making of the stencils is easy and cheap, just like the process of using the stencils onto the pots.

Colorful Marble Pots

This idea is a very easy method of making marble painted paint pots. It’s also best used on your smaller pots because it will take less time to get the pot fully paints over with marble paint. One of the advantages of using this paint method is that you can use any kind of pot to paint.

White Wash Terra Cotta Pot

There are so many ways to decorate terracotta plant pots. One of the easiest ways is by painting over the pots with some white wash. This is simple to make and the outcome has this lovely look. The pots do not have so much going on but they are definitely not plain and boring.

Rope Wrapped and Painted Terra Cotta Planters

If you are looking for the simplest and easiest yet very creative way of decorating your plant pot, this DIY is meant just for you. The best rope to use for this DIY would be some Burlap rope. This way, the end result of the pots will not look hasty but will look unique, rustic and artsy. You can also paint over the rope easy into any color or pattern you prefer.

Writings on Pots

For this DIY, you are able to stick some words and phrases to the plant pots as the main décor. You are to use some mog podge to make sure that the wordings stick to the pot and do not easily come off.

Lace Decor on Pots

This is an amazing and creative way to decorate your plant pots. You will simply have to stick some different patterned laces onto the pots. The pots do not have to be fully covered with the lace. Rather, you can stick some pieces and strips of the lace onto the pots. The color of the lace you will use will depend on the color of the pot that you will be sticking it to.


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