Fantastic Kitchen Makeovers for Christmas

8.Kitchen Cabinets Garland

8.Kitchen Cabinets Garland

We know that we are few weeks away from Christmas. We make plans on how to spend it with our beloved, we decorate the houses; in the living room, front and backyards and bedrooms but we always tend to neglect or maybe forget to trim the place where magic is formed; food. The room that heals; kitchen. C’mon, no one will be happy with an empty stomach and food is medicine, we are what we eat. This is why it is also an important room in the house to receive attention when decorating for Christmas. You don’t need to do so much because kitchen itself has so much going on but just a little touch of holiday atmosphere will do. This should be cheap and less time consuming.

I have collected 14 different fantastic ideas for you to look at and decide which one will work better for your kitchen. This Christmas you will cook most delicious food inspired by these décor. Check them out!

Hanging Balloons Decor

Bring all sorts of colors to your ceiling. Since the ceiling is bright, any color or pattern you choose will be fine. If your kitchen is very packed, hanging will be an option for you. Bon Appétit!

Homemade Tier

The cold in winter always finished the tea bags because tea is very essential to warm up the body. Why not making your tier that’s cost less than buying an expensive one? Then collect your favorite tea flavors and serve your family well!

Kitchen Door Garland

Green theme will do for a kitchen. So you can buy a plastic leaves garland and personalize it with the beautiful family memories all over. It is sweet and holds each one to ground and strengthens the family bond.

Window Hanging Wreath

According to interior designers, sinks stay by the window and so according to me, wreaths looks cooler placed on the window. Add the Christmas color curtains for better edged look.

Kitchen Countertop Sign

If you need a little motivation in the kitchen, such sign is easy to make and it is outstanding. “Believe“ could mean so much in Christmas, after all Christmas is religious and has so much to do with faith. But yet, it could stand as a symbol for anything in the family.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Decor

Cabinet doors are so easy to decorate because you they are small and flat. Here are two options; rolling a poker dot ribbon with centered bow or pinning the photos on the ribbon. Whichever option is adorable.

Window Illuminating Stars

Stars and Christmas are connected. You can do the “twinkle twinkle little stars” on your window so they looking like falling stars from the sky. Perfect décor for winter even after Christmas dates pass by.

Kitchen Cabinets Garland

This huge garland is life. It embraces the cabinets perfectly and adds a Christmas touch to the kitchen. It is very noticeable for anyone walking into the kitchen; they will know for sure that Christmas is here.

Mini Christmas Garden

For a wooden themed kitchen, decors with nature feel will complete it wonderfully. A mini garden is good idea, you don’t need a fancy vase because you will wrap them with khaki paper bags either way; then tying with a piece of cloth at the last quarter for an effective shape.

Fridge Snowman

Remake for your fridge will be fun to do with your kids. Just instruct them and give them the material and see how creative they can be. They can build their own snowmen and name them.

White & Red Kitchen

Red and white are the official colors for Christmas. If your kitchen is already a white themed one, you only need to buy few decors in red to display them neatly and fantastically like this one here.

Hot Cocoa Stop

Find a little corner in your kitchen where it will be a stop for cocoa or coffee; depends on what you prefer the most. The kettle, jug, cups, sugar, cocoa, coffee, milk, sugar and a little Christmas tree on the tray then the hanging letter sign on top. Keep warm with cocoa.

Modern Kitchen Christmas Décor

If you want light décor for holiday in your kitchen, you can do this. It is not too obvious that it is Christmas décor except for the little details on the window. When the Christmas is over, you can leave the rest for a while and it will still look perfect.

Christmas Tree Accessories

Here is a simple Christmas tree that is accessorized by the kitchen goodies and that’s so cool. I will totally try this.

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