Easiest DIY Crafts of All Time

10.Elephant Succulent Planter

10.Elephant Succulent Planter

Sometimes we use a lot of money to buy decorations for our homes while we can spend almost $0 to craft our own decorations. There are a lot of easy projects in DIY which are economic time and cost wisely. What I love about crafting things yourself is you have ability to personalize them, add more creativity and make them unique, you won’t find it in any other house but yours alone because no one will find them in a store. Not just that, something done by your hands, carries more value in your eyes, you will automatically treasure it and it will boost up your confidence in your potentials. Now, let’s check out some easiest DIY crafts you can start with;

Manson Jar Light

It is a good decor for vintage theme. Here, I used Edison Bulbs but you are not prisoner to it, you may actually use any kind of bulb. You will need a Manson jar, marker pen, pendants light, a nail, hammer, pliers and tin snips. Begin with tracing a circle as that of the bulb socket on the jar lid then cut it out using the hammer and the nail going around the circle, then snips and pliers for complete remove.  Add other little holes on the jar top to allow ventilation hence avoiding overheat when the bulb in on. Finally, push the light socket through the hole and screw on the ring that comes with the pendant light. Put the bulb and lid on the jar, hang it and light it up and chase the darkness away. These lights are also good for bedroom lighting.

Personalized Mugs

Make your own hand painted mugs with simple steps. Use masking or painter’s tape to cover the inside of your mugs and do the same on the outside, leaving the parts you want to spray. To be more precise, use the aluminum foil to cover the top so to prevent even a dot of paint spray inside. Spray the mug and let it dry. Start to peel the tape off carefully. If you’ll find some spray spots on unwanted places, don’t worry. Just use the Expo marker over them and rub it off using paper towel. You may go further by writing or decorating with a permanent marker that matches spray paint. Using a clear sealer spray go over everything and let it dry. The result is a “wow”. You can gift your special person with this fantastic mug.

Stylish Camera Strap

To say the truth, the factory camera straps are not that good. Why not make your own strap that will make you stand out in a unique way at the same time, costing nothing. This is an old t-shirt recycled into a strap. Here you will need a sewing machine to sew the edges of the leather cloth pieces t the end of the braided t-shirt strands. Use the rings at the leather ends to attach the strip with the camera. That’s all.

Balloon Bowl

This is simple and fun to do with your daughter. Kids like colorful things and so this will be of great interest and will maximize their creativity potentials. It requires few materials which can be found in any dollar store nearby you or you might be likely having these supplies at home. Here is what you need; balloon, confetti, pie pan, paint brush and the glue. Start by inflating the balloon and tie it. Apply the glue using the paint brush then immediately sprinkle the confetti on top of the glue. Allow the glue to dry then add another layer of glue on top and repeat the sprinkling of confetti. In order to get a flat bottom, you can put a heavy thing on top such as book to press down the balloon, which will be inside the bowl to help you work comfortably. After everything has dried up, there comes the fun part; popping up the balloon. You will see a bowl shape with rough edges. Now, trim your edges with the scissors to have smooth end. Your Balloon bowl is now ready for display.

DIY Letter Art

It seems to be a trend now about DIY letter art. There are plenty of designs but the idea is the same. Here is one of the incredible arts you will ever find. Stick your printed letters on the core foam board using the spray adhesive. Followed by slowly cutting the letters going through the board. You must have smooth edges. Finally, outline the edges with the thumb tacks towards the centre of the word. It is marvelous.

Handmade Bird Mobile

Trace and cut out the ideal bird on your paper. Draw simple patterns on them. Hang them using a network of wires with the folded ends like loops going through small holes in the top of each bird and string a knotted thread through it. It is a fun project to do with your kids or kindergarten students.

DIY Chalkboard Art

Amazing wall art can be achieved in three simple steps. It is costless. Do you have any old frames in your house? Please don’t throw them yet, they can give us amazing art to hang on the wall. Collect them. Remove the glass that comes with them and paint them with the chalkboard paint in 4 layers, leaving 5-10 minutes interval between each layer. Let it dry for 30 minutes before you return back the pieces together.

DIY Calendar

I rarely see calendars on the walls nowadays. I wonder if technology took over and that people can access calendars on their finger tips or the calendar were boring. Well, I don’t know for the rest but I always prefer having a calendar beside my wall. I did a calendar make over and my daughter stole it from me. It is very easy to make, follow the simple steps on the photo.

Wall Sunburst

This is another adorable wall spice that can be done nicely shaped wooden sticks. You can save your pockets from buying this art which is normally expensive in store by maximizing your creativity and get yourself a beautiful sunburst.

Elephant Succulent Planter

This is an elephant creamer which can be found at the thrift stores or Anthropologie. All you do is adding the succulent and display it. It is a very cute décor for kids’ bedroom.

DIY Phone Cases

Tired of having same covers as everyone? Why not “DIYing” your own taste of cover and stand unique everywhere you go? It also saves you from spending a lot of money for that one expensive looking case. Order a clear case according to your phone model (these were $2 in Amazon). Then using your nail polish, color it in stripes of 2-3 coats depending on the color you choose. Alternatively, you can use leather and trace on the back of the piece. Cut it out with scissors to obtain the smooth edges. Then cut the little triangles from the teal leather and stick them to the top piece, cutting out the pieces after it has dry. Use a glue to attach the entire part to the case top.

Friendship Bracelet Rug

I remember back in the days, my best friend and I would spend almost whole weekend trying to make our friendship bracelet. My parents would chase us out to do something because we spent whole day in the bedroom, we didn’t even want to eat. I always laugh with my best friend when remembering this. So, here is a rug made from the friendship bracelet idea. It is simple a set of 5 colors of fabric, braided and sewed together. I love the color combination here. I hope you your color taste is great too.

Color Dipped Stools

Wooden stools with a little touch of color won’t harm. You just spray paint on the pattern you like which will be achieved by tapping off by painter’s tape. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Add a coat of matte finish on top and peel off the tape. It is done. Easy, right?

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