DIY Washi Tape Innovative Creations

DIY washi Tape Innovative creations 5

DIY washi Tape Innovative creations 5

For those of us who love DIY, we know how much washi tape can come in handy for MANY amazing projects. The possibilities are endless, be it for indoor uses, outdoor or simply just making an addition to your personal space and marking your territory, washi tape can do it all, it also makes for a fun facelift to old things and makes new ones look even much better. Below we will give you a few ideas you can use with any color pattern you want to make for a better looking work space. Cheap and easy solutions that will have your space looking nice and unique.

1.Look at how easy it is to transform a journal and have it looking stylish and different, for those who wish you can get different colored patterned tapes and go to work on the journals.

2.Turn your paper clips into beautiful book marks using this easy method, a very cheap and effective way to keep stylish and still accomplish what you need.

3.You can turn your pegs into this beautiful color pattern, instead of having then there being dull and wooden looking very off in the place.

4.By cutting out small square shapes from you washi tapes, you can create yourself a new and unique keyboard. This idea needs you to cut out the shapes and write the corresponding letter before you paste it onto the keyboard, you could also leave some undone in a pattern to add the uniqueness.

5.The end product of this mouse is really amazing, just by using two straps of washi tape you get this mouse pad looking different and unique.

6.For you coffee lovers, having a plain coaster doesn’t bother some people but for those who want a nice coaster for your mugs and cups this is a cool idea, personalize your things anyhow you wish.

7.The mason jar can be used as a place to keep your stationery , all you need to do to keep it from being dull is wrap some washi tape around it.

8.We can not leave out a place where you keep your washi tape itself. Get you a small box and wrap it nicely in the colors you want and voila.

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