DIY Ideas For Teen Bedrooms

DIY ideas for Teen Bedrooms 5

DIY ideas for Teen Bedrooms 5

DIY Ideas For Teen Bedrooms

Hi to all you hip and happening teens out there. We understand it’s hard for most teens to get parents to give money for that dream bedroom every teenager dreams of however worry not as this article will give you amazing DIY  ideas to help you get that cost effective, hip, funky room you want. Soon you will be hosting amazing sleepovers for your friends in your new pimped out spot!

1.You will be amazed at what you can achieve with washi tape. Use different colored washi tape on your wall to achieve different cool patterns. If you are more of a calm soul go with dark colors on a plain wall but if you are a funky teen do not be shy to grab those loud colors.

2.Every bedroom needs a framed art work that will be the center of focus. Normally this is a beautiful painted portrait but that can cost large amounts of money. One can consider making a colorful string art. You can be creative with the writing, either your name or even your mums would be cool.

3.The corner arm chair has become a boring and quite expensive accessory in the room. Let’s leave that to our parents and be cool with a DIY hammock chair that is perfect for reading and also relaxing. Your friends are going to love this one!

4.There’s so much more we can do with washi tape. Clearly our hardware stores still insist on selling plain boring white light switch covers, use washi tape to style your light switch cover up with various colorful patterns to match the color and décor of your room.

5.The color of your pillows play an integral part in the outlook of your whole room. There are so many ways to decorate them but one that is cost effective, fun and very beautiful is TIE and DYEing your pillow cases.

6.A crafty light bulb cover is the in thing. Consider doily pendant knitted lighting. It will also gie a rather dim and calm atmosphere in the room. This is a must have!

7.Nothing creates a beautiful bedroom more than crafting memories of friends and family. Make a photo frame with pegged pictures of your family and friends on a string.

9.Ignite your creativity with more family and friends memories.  Reuse an old box and cut it into any desirable shape then surround your pictures by pinning them right round with laundry pegs. Creative huh? Also cute!

10.What time is it? Time to make your own DIY wall clock. Add a bit of personality to your clock by using pictures of your friends and family.

11.For our girly girls, bring a fresh springy look to your room by making flower string lights from cupcake wrappers, color of your choice of course with mummy’s old Christmas string lights for lighting.

12.One very expensive bedroom furniture is headboards. It doesn’t have to be though, one can make their own using pallets. Finish it off by writing a simple quote or word to make it personal. It gives a modern, simplistic but every beautiful feel to your room.

13.Time isn’t always on everyone’s side with school and life. You can consider to print images or quotes from the net and frame them. There’s is an assortment of images on can get from the net free.

14.Don’t have money for photo frames? No problem use washy tape as your frame. This way you can also choose your own colors and patterns while still saving money.

15.Pretty girls deserve magical fairy rooms that friends can be envious of. Be that friend by making mason jar fairy lights. Create your own fairy land as these lights glow up at night. Boys can have these too.

16.Are you a colorful person? Creating a room that fits your personality shouldn’t be much of a problem. Consider using paper napkins cut in different shapes and cuts put on a string. This will give your room a carnival festive feel filled with color and variety.

17.A Pin Pall ball light ill have your friends in awe! Use different colors of your choice put together anyhow. You can have seasonal lights to match the seasons or the change in bedding and so on.

18.In spring we all need that one piece that will bring freshness and beauty to the room. A flower monogram is perfect for this time. Use real flowers and personalize by using your initials or the first letter of your name for the letter.

19.We know every teenager needs that photo memory corner in the room. Choose a corner of your choice and great a mini gallery for yourself. Put the pictures in a heart shape to signify the love that lives in that corner. You can also add meaning by putting quotes or messages from friends.

20.Nothing is ever over board for you pretty girls! Bring some class and elegance in your room by using mason jars and string lights to create a nice lamp with a wine glass for the base. Cute!

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