DIY Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen

3.Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

3.Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

Kitchen is where the home heart is. Feed your family with delicious meals everyday and joy shall never leave your house. Saying so, it is important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. This will ease a lot of your cooking tasks and maintain your kitchen hygiene. However, the position of utensils, tools and supplies for your kitchen can sometimes be tricky, especially for a kitchen with small space. An uncluttered kitchen with plenty storage is a dream to work in. Be inspired by our collection of smart hacks and make your kitchen shiny and clearly organized.

Kitchen Oak Paint

Among ways to change the woody look of your kitchen, painting your cabinets can be one. Grab your wood, pack and pack the areas using a knife. Once dried up, smooth it using sanding block. After that, clean the surface by a tack cloth. This is to make sure you have a clean and flawless surface to paint on. Then you are ready to prime.

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some amazing organizing ideas. Keep your utensils well arranged. It is more spacious, neater and easier for you to know where to get this and that. That way, increasing your efficiency in the kitchen. You can whole heartedly invite your guest to the kitchen because you know how well organized it is.

Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

This is simple project serving a great purpose kitchen – wise. Make a wooden box, trim the top ends leaving the front part lower than the back. Then fix it into one of your cabinets. It is a perfect storage place for your baking trays and containers.

DIY Graphics Transfer

Print your graphics on the glossy side of your decal paper and allow it to dry. Separate the translucent protective paper from magic paper and place this magic paper gloss side on your table. Lay the decal paper on top of the magic paper while translucent protective paper facing down in a way that it marks a barrier between the decal paper and laminator heat. Laminate your stack of three papers on low temperature. After, discard the translucent paper. Then you can dampen the back of decal paper with cloth until it becomes translucent. Wait for about 20 seconds then you can gently peel off the paper. Dampen the other side by immersing the decal in a dish of water then position it. The image sides down your item, smoothing it down with your fingers. Carefully slide the decal into accurate position then continue to smooth it until it is free from water and bubbles. Lastly, bake your item at 150 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes. You can use the electric over for that or 5 minutes in a microwave, then blow dry it for 5-10 minutes. You’re done.

Under sink Storage Tray

Another storage idea is here. No empty space in the kitchen that cannot be used. See how you can have a storage tray under your sink where you can store the detergents.

Backsplash Tile Idea

One of the easiest ways to upgrade an old kitchen is tiling a backsplash above the counter. It just twists into an elegant kitchen. Be careful to choose a good color which well collides with your kitchen furniture.

Plate Cabinet Rack

Isn’t it smart? The way plates are arranged in this DIY rack. It doesn’t just organize your plates but saves the space and avoid plate breaking.

DIY Tea Chest

Little wooden multicolored shelf is an option to light up your kitchen world. Bring more life around you same time more space to organize your tea bags and spices.

DIY Murphy Bar

See who is going to have a Murphy bar this summer? This is cool idea. Just  sitting outside with friends, chilling under the sun and shadows, fresh air with drinks close to you. If you have a company, this would be a better idea for you.

DIY Kitchen Island Idea

Give a band, boring island a major facelift for very little money by opting for faux stone over the real thing. It looks just as good and no one will know the difference.

DIY Produce Stand

Here is an awesome storage stand. Easy to make one. You can store your groceries.

White Kitchen Cabinet

A speechless renovation from woody to white cabinets and soapstone on top that.

Spice Drawer Organizer

Before this project, I was a total mess when it came to spices in my kitchen. I used to store them in a container all together. When I needed a specific spice, I had to pull in and out; up and down till I get what I want but all this time, the floor would be dirty. This DIY drawer organizer saved me floor. Now I can get any spice in time and leave my kitchen clean.

Amazing DIY Countertops

Looking for something unique or cheaper, here you are. This looks like a very expensive Italian marble, but to tell the truth; it is just a fraction of the cost. Check out the tutorial at

Budgeted Countertop Makeover

This awesome countertop look was made using Giani countertop Paint Chocolate Brown. You can customize the colors, look and design of your countertop to resemble granite or marble and the difference is nothing short of amazing. The material keeps the top from moisture and resist bacteria with a unique blend of minerals.

Silverware Drawer

Store your silverware in a good order using perfect organizing drawers. This is among them.

Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

This is not far from the first ideas. Aim is the same; brighten your dull kitchen using simple tricks which you do not need to hire a carpenter for.

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