Creative Mason Jar DIY Ideas

Creative Mason Jar DIY Ideas 6

Creative Mason Jar DIY Ideas 6

It is amazing the things that we can do with mason jars .Their use extends from the norm of being used indoors and extends to outdoor usage in many ways, more than we imagined. Weather we are trying to use them to light up an intimate dinner outdoors or to bring light to your indoor setting. In this post we will try and bring you the all the possible mason jar ideas that you can use around the house and extend it to their outdoor uses.

Suspending mason jars upside down to cover light bulbs like this is a great idea to bring some  vintage look to your home or dining room, wherever you may pick to place this.

This is also another idea how you can bring a natural look into your home, hanging the jars on hooks, using the mason jars like this helps light up a small walkway or passage in the house.

Bottles of this sort can also be used to light up the bar or any other areas, this works well with someone who stays in a studio apartment.

Suspending a plank of wood from the ceiling and placing the jars to hang is being shown with outdoor usage, candles can also be put in there.

Here we see how they can be stuck to pieces of wood and put anywhere in the house. They work in the kitchen with cutlery or simply for placing your plans in it.

A little more work goes into this designs but the end result is amazing for any user. The beautiful aura makes for a good evening dining or to just have a nice chilled movie night.

This shows how you can incorporate pipes into making these mason Jar projects, they can be suspended and create beautiful chandeliers.

Another beautiful looking design with mason jars. Basically this can be used anywhere around the house and it has a beautiful backboard to support it, the design may vary from what each individual user decides to use.

This beautiful  lighting is created by covering the light bulb part of the jar with rope so that when it lights up it gives a beautiful effect as if the glow is coming from the jar itself, a beautiful piece.

Making mason jar chandeliers is also shows here with a beautiful outdoor example. They can be suspended over a patio of a nice outdoor place for quiet outdoor dinners during summer nights.

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