Best Single Day DIY Projects

Best SINGLE DAY DIY Projects 3

Best SINGLE DAY DIY Projects 3

It’s usually very time consuming for some of us to really spend a lot of time in the garden or yard fixing up DIY projects. In as much as we love DIY projects and we enjoy doing the projects we end up being demotivated or sidetracked into picking some projects that are much less that what we intended to do in the first place. Sometimes it is just that it is really too costly to do some of these projects we see and we end up neglecting it all together. Thus, to simplify this we have suggested that you try out some projects that will only take a day to do and will relatively be inexpensive to do. We hope you enjoy.

1.With pebbles and stones, and some bricks (any bricks can be used here depending on what type that you feel is best for you), and you have a nice fireplace for your yard for bonfires.

2.This is a simple tree house for the kids, it is nothing big or special but just a placed they can maybe sit and eat when they are outdoors, equipped with steps to climb safely up and down.

3.This is a very simple garden box by the window and it is ridiculously cheap to make and easy to maintain too, a great garden addition to look outside your window to.

4.For this garden bench all you literally need is wood, not lots of it too. Get yourself some logs or stumps to make the legs for bench and get some planks or pallets for the rest of it(power tools will be needed for this project).

5.This DIY  water idea includes bringing water through different channels of bamboo down to a location you desire so you don’t have to always strain to get water out there(better if you have a natural water source nearby).

6.You could build your flower pot and fountain in just one day this way. A very great idea that wont have you always worrying about watering your plants.

7.This simple outdoor bench is great and simple to make and really doesn’t take up much time. Did I mention that it costs close to nothing to make?? Yes. An amazing place to just go to and relax and calm yourself in nature.

8.This DIY daybed is really amazing, for those of us who like to read or get out in nature and really spend the day relaxing. This day bed is simple to make with just some wooden planks and some bedding and you’re good to go.

9.This little mini pond looking project is great to add a little touch to any garden space. The tiles and pebbles can of course be any of your choice but this one here too is great if you want to not do much thinking.

10.This is a cobblestone path and it’s a brilliant idea to make too, if you are tired of having the same old looking straight path you could take this one on and even create your own designs for the patterns you wish to be there.

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