Best DIY Ideas For Your Mud Room

Best DIY Ideas For Your Mud Room 6

Best DIY Ideas For Your Mud Room 6

The reason why people usually have clatter around the house is that they mistake the mud room for only muddy boots. What most don’t know is that the functionality can be used for much more. If you have a home with children this is your solution to all the clatter in your house, everyone must have their own place to keep their things in and this will help you keep neat and avoid losing shoes, or books, or socks, during that morning rush hour for school. Below we give a few suggestions for functional DIY mud rooms

This first piece is a very neat and has a nice wooden finish to give it a vintage look. If your kids love the outdoors this is a perfect with the additional hanger space for the raincoats.

This creative space simply needs you to buy chalk boards to make sure everyone knows which spot is theirs. These additional hooks make great to hang school bags and jackets.

This is for the vintage lovers .By simply taking old crates  and stacking them on top of each other you have a nice vintage looking place for the shows (and use wood finish as an option)

Not all mud rooms should be big. This example shows us how by simply adding a few wood panels and some hooks on the wall, you can have a mud room at the entrance.

Believe it or not you can do this one by yourself too, with an elegant and vintage design to it, it has trays to put your shoes in and space for your jackets and bags too.

Similarly, the trays can come in handy in storing away more than just your shoes, here we see that if you have enough space you can put as many as you want for everything you need.

Have an old door you don’t use. Well this DIY idea shows you how to turn an old door into a beautiful mud room area. Complete with a small sliding in cabinet for your shoes.

This idea is made from a small walk in closet. Look how beautifully  you can manipulate a small walk in cabinet into a beautiful mud room.

This is an exemplary and complimentary drawing for all those who liked this. Inclusive with measurements, all you need is some wood and a few power tools, the measurements are provided. Enjoy!

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