Best DIY guide For Laundry Spaces

Best DIY guide For Laundry Spaces 10

Best DIY guide For Laundry Spaces 10

The laundry room for most is a sanctuary where dirty things go to get cleaned, but we often find that the room itself is the one that needs cleaning. The clutter all over, separating pre wash and washed. There’s just so many things that make a laundry room a mess and it is frustrating. In this post we give you the perfect DIY guide to your laundry rooms, weather big or small, we will show you how you can always keep it neat and organized. Enjoy!

This is an ideal example of an organized laundry room. Using baskets helps keep it neat, and helps keep track of what is where.

Keeping a chalk board near a laundry area is always a good idea to help you know and remember what needs to be done. This laundry room is nice and neat equipped with a sliding door to make it look like a room of its own.

This Elegant laundry room is equipped with cabinets to help you store all your washing soaps and other useful stuff. The cabinet can also serve as a place to place your baskets. A very nice and elegant piece.

This one is a great design for small homeowners who don’t have the laundry room they want. Simply turning a closet into a laundry room can help you save lots of money and also still retain the neatness in your home.

(We have attached a picture below to help you with exemplary measurements and the materials needed to do this)

Using brackets can serve a big purpose to helping keeping things organized. Here the brackets serve to hold the laundry baskets and this allows for easier access while keeping the room neat and organized.

Simplicity is elegance. This simple drying rack saves you money and space by simply letting you mount it on the wall and hanging your clothes to dry. No need to use chairs and shower rods anymore.

This is a brilliant idea. WHY? Because this one is in a garage. Yes you can bring more out of your garage by putting the laundry room there and not have to stress about any mess indoors. This one is also equipped with a DIY industrial pipe to stow your hanger and cabinets to temporarily store any clothes you might need to.

A simple rack behind your door serves as a great purpose because now you can hang your stuff instead of leaving it lying around.

This example also brings the closet to use, as we said earlier, closet space is easy to turn into a beautiful laundry room.

These drawers that are put between two machines can come in handy when you need to reach your soap or towels and have them close to you while doing your laundry.


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