9 Simple DIY Ideas for Outdoor Firewood Holder

9 Simple DIY Ideas for Outdoor Firewood Holder 6

9 Simple DIY Ideas for Outdoor Firewood Holder 6

1.When having a wood burning fire place the obvious question is where to store all the firewood, right? Also it has to be close by to avoid walking to the shed in the cold. Unfortunately, firewood is messy, it attracts bugs. Storing it outside is a problem because you have to make sure it doesn’t infuse moisture in it which could create vermin exposure to the house through the garage. In addition to all that, water logging is also an issue as the firewood would need to stay above ground. Lucky for you we have simple DIY ideas for where and how you can place your firewood. Stock up on wood, spend less, and keep it nearby and dry! Burn up wood in DIY style!

Our first idea above keeps the firewood neatly stacked and above ground, just simply use connectors.

2.Why not take a few minutes to make your own an amazing firewood holder, with a few 2×4’s from a nearby craft store.

3.Easily flip a corrugated metal elevated bed stand to its side and you have an immediate firewood holder!

4.This DIY idea is great for stacking wood close by, and the bonus being it can also be moved out of the way. Cleaning around and behind it has never been easier and to stop ingrowths’ of little creatures.

5.This lovely idea we simply adore because its cost effective and keeps the wood above ground especially for places with a lot of snow, you can also you can use you own things laying around the garage to make this wood holder.

6.This is a rather smart plan as it doesn’t require any instructions to build.

7.Here we find the same idea but in a smaller version.

8.One of the most important things about firewood storage is keeping it above ground but in the most cheapest way, and this DIY idea is to simply place a pipe above concrete footholds from a nearby home crafts store and nicely organize your wood!

9.These are really easy steps to get this amazing firewood holder. Firstly you would need three empty wood sets, which are bonded with wood braces. Preferably we recommend using screws or even scrap wood. Lastly, halt each side of the holder. And that’s it!

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