8 DIY Extra Storage Under Stairs Ideas You Will Love

8 DIY Extra Storage Under Stairs Ideas You Will Love

Equipped storage always uses up good space below stairs. It’s a very smart idea for today’s world full of new innovative designs. Most important thing is to use the space to its full potential. What better way to use up space and save money for building extensions and unnecessary costs?

Under or below the stairs could be the best place to keep and store anything useful or unnecessary. Increasing space in the house, making use below the stairs space, you can have the same organized materials sorted without even noticing them. Be comfortable with your own space.

A storage for shoes is a nice idea especially when you have so many shoes or a large family. You can use this area as a cabinet that can slide. It is the job of interior designers to come up with ideas to suit people’s needs but if you are low on cash you can always do it yourself, and the shoes storage is not so stressful and demanding as you would think. Your shoes will become organized and sorted.

Another good idea is to put some furniture under the staircases. Just a design with several sections divided on the cabinet and drawers should do the trick. It should also have good height to be accommodated leaving a good amount of space to be adequately accounted for. It is always good to utilize as much of it as possible.

This wheeled cabinet slides back and forth making and therefore makes it easy to move. You can put a lot of things in it since it has drawers.

This particular one is not complicated at all; it has a glass door, to make it simpler for you to get what you want. You can display anything you want. It is a very simple design, not complicated at all.

There a lot of drawers both mid-sized and fully-sized. Just depends on your preference. Very organized and looks very favorable. I wouldn’t say it’s a classic model depending on what the definition of classic is to you. Of course the customization depends on you too.

Another idea is putting or making drawers under the stairs. Not so unique but efficient. You can store anything ranging from shoes to lavatories.

Who wouldn’t want an entertainment system in their home. If it can’t fit in the living room, always remember there is space under your stairs. Use it.

Not unique at all. You can store stuff like umbrellas.



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