add value to the home, but they also give freedom and peace of mind. While that alone is an invaluable reason to consider a home elevator, there are also several other reasons as well." />

7 Reasons to Consider A Residential Elevator

1. Residential Elevator

1. Residential Elevator

A residential elevator can provide increased mobility and peace of mind for seniors living at home and their kids. Most personal elevators are custom manufactured to the specification needed for each home. They are an elegant solution to mobility problems since they add value to any multi-level home. Home elevators feature dependable, quiet motors with a variety of cab finishes and colors that can be custom tailored to suit your home’s decor. The cost of installing a residential elevator might surprise you, too. These surprisingly affordable home additions not only add value to the home, but they also give freedom and peace of mind. While that alone is an invaluable reason to consider a home elevator, there are also several other reasons as well.

Age in Place

A home elevator can provide an alternative to only utilizing one floor of the house or having to move out entirely. Climbing stairs becomes dangerous for those with limited mobility and a home elevator can completely mitigate this hazard and your entire house will still be a living space you can continue to love.


Most residential elevators have an excellent load capacity, making them ideal for moving things up or downstairs. Laundry, luggage, or even moving furniture between floors becomes easy to handle once an elevator is installed.


Residential elevators are more affordable than most homeowners think. That is because elevators come in a variety of designs that can be built from scratch or retrofitted to an existing home. A Stiltz residential elevator video can explain how a residential elevator is more affordable than you might imagine.

Home Value

Home improvements are often judged by the value they bring to the home after they are added. Residential elevators increase the value of the home. These unique and functional centerpieces provide an additional function that can be very attractive to potential buyers.

Expanded Choices

Neighborhoods with high population density can often have three or four levels in their home. A residential elevator can provide easy access to all floors and can be installed in an existing house. Their linear design takes up less space than you may think, too. If you live in a multi-story home and have moved most of your living space downstairs, it might be time to consider a home elevator to reclaim the rest of your home.

Special Needs

If you use a wheelchair or have special mobility needs, a residential elevator can give you the freedom to access your entire home. Any parent or spouse of someone with special needs can attest to how much a residential elevator can change their lives. Being able to access the rest of the house can bring newfound freedom that can change attitudes as well as lives.

Mobility Concerns

Even if you don’t have special needs and just have mobility problems, a residential elevator can help. Making the entire home accessible again is a very liberating feeling to someone who has avoided stairs. Stairs can be painful and an obstacle that prevents homeowners from enjoying their entire home.

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