7 Amazing DIY Sign Ideas For Your Wedding

7 Amazing DIY Sign Ideas For Your Wedding 5

7 Amazing DIY Sign Ideas For Your Wedding 5

7 Amazing DIY Sign Ideas For Your Wedding

Wedding festivities should be made memorable and the norm is a wedding is a woman’s special day, your day to shine!  Have you been wondering how to make your wedding talk of the town? Well look no further here are some evocative, close to nothing DIY’s to accomplish that. Have fun!

1.You can make these glitzy lights with your groom to be, to symbolize your commitment. Also use it as a décor in your new home after the wedding. The fun thing about this DIY is you can use any color and create any word, e.g. infinity, yours etc. Go ahead and try it

2.Here’s something you don’t see many folks doing, using old wood to write their wedding program or better yet a way to share your wedding views with family and friends in attendance.

3.Go from rag to table cloth, giving your wedding the sense pizzazz. The fun part of this DIY is you make your wedding your own, express yourself literally in your own words.

4.This is my personal favorite DIY cause it lightens up the reception area. A welcoming, appreciative and fun gesture for your guests. Use any color balloons but be careful not to be over the top, remember it’s your wedding not a circus show.

5.Make use of those old picture frames and announce to the ‘’gate crushers” whose wedding it is. Every frame could be different and having MR & MRS on it imprinted with different design

6.This DIY is a definite must do you could either do the one above or get this one even better be the Diva that you are and get them both. Why not? It is chic and can get it printed with any words you want. Depending on those words take caution on where you place it, e.g. If it’s going to be a welcoming sign let it be the first thing your guests see. There’s an idea to play around with.

7.Out of all these DIY’s you should have the most fun doing this one. All you’d need is a string, you could even get those strings with lights if you decide on an evening wedding. I say squash the hand written décor we have too much of those already, and make your guests a part of your new union. How you ask? Get pictures of you and your man together in black and white and hang them on the string, on each picture writing what it meant to you. It would be like having your own LOVE GALLERY to show the journey you have endured and the journey you are yet to embark on as Husband and Wife.

All the best with your wedding planning and hope you use these fun DIY’s remember the goal is to enjoy your wedding.

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