6 Vanity and Easy to Make DIY Bathroom Ideas

3.Wooden Ladder

3.Wooden Ladder

Your bathroom is a multifunctional space that you, your family, and your guests all use. It’s a place to get ready for work and it’s a place to draw a hot bath and relax after a long day. Make your bathroom a personable room with a personal touch with these DIY bathroom ideas.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can be used in so many ways in your bathroom. Use them as a toilet paper holder, towel rack, or to hold your makeup or perfumes. The wicker basket can sit on your vanity counter, the back of your toilet, or can even be hung on your wall.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a popular go-to for DIY craft projects. You can personalize the jars by painting them or decorating them however you want. They can be hung on racks to be put on the wall, sit on the vanity, or on a shelf. The jars can be left clear and filled with decorative marbles or fragrant beads. You can use them as storage for toothbrushes, q-tips, flowers, or you can even fashion the jar into a lotion container.

Wooden Ladder

If you have an old wooden ladder that’s been taking up room in your shed then you have your next bathroom project. A ladder can be used as a creative and unique storage and shelving unit. You can sand and paint the ladder to create to look you envision or you can leave it as it is (besides for some cleaning of course) and go for a rustic look. Use the steps of the ladder to hang towels or to hang plants. If the ladder has wider steps you can use them as shelves and set other bathroom items on them.

Towel Hooks

You can creative and have fun when it comes to creating your own towel hooks. Use different style picture frames to hang on your wall and place a towel hook in the middle of the frame. You can also secure different types of trinkets to a piece of wood to hang as a towel rack. Old water hose knobs, water spigots, wooden pegs, and many other things can be fashioned into a towel rack. For a kid’s bathroom you can cut figurines in half and secure them to the wall to act as towel hook. A mirror can be added to a wooden plank that the hooks are secured to.

Vanity Mirror

Dress up you bathroom vanity mirror with a unique frame. You can use trim pieces from another project or purchase them from your hardware store. Paint the trim to match the colors in your bathroom and secure it around your mirror to make a frame. Tiles can also be used to make a frame. If you want an even more unique look to your bathroom you can use small ceramic tiles to frame out your vanity mirror. They can be left over from when you redid the floor. A matching mirror frame and floor would pull your bathroom together in a cute and unique way. Use seashells your kids gathered from your last family vacation. Virtually anything can be made into a one-of-a-kind frame for your mirror.


Bring new life to you bathroom vanity without having to spend the money to replace it. Use a sander to sand off the finish on the vanity and put your own spin on it. Stain the wood a dark auburn or paint it light blue to match your beach theme. If you want to ditch your old vanity you can upcycle an old desk, cabinet, or even a bicycle into a vanity! Make sure you’ve honed your plumbing skills and make your bathroom vanity an original work of art.

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