6 Cheap & Little Bathroom Storage Decoration Ideas

6 Cheap & Little Bathroom Storage Decoration Ideas 3

6 Cheap & Little Bathroom Storage Decoration Ideas 3

Every bathroom has its own battles of being tidy. It’s not easy keeping a place that stores so many things tidy, especially with so much perfumes, beauty stuff, towels, toothbrushes and so much more. So check out these ideas to help

People always say… you need a better organized bathroom! It doesn’t matter how big your bathrooms are, you can’t ever have space for everything. Purchasing drawers isn’t always the best option, since it can be a costly waste of cash!

A dresser that has cool glass handles goes well with a bathroom that has a sink set. Obviously all you need is to cut holes on top of the dresser to create space for the plumbing and pipes, and part of the behind removed so to connect together with the pipes from the walls. Just clean up the dresser with some protective cloth or something that can’t cause it damage on the surface. Leave it the way it is or add your own type of finishing type.

A console table that has shelves below it looks like an interesting re-purposed bathroom storage. Pick a surfaced material to be below the sink. Use a lip to keep it in place. Like as with a normal storage, you’ll still have to cut holes for the handles and anything else needed below it. Towels under the sink, on the side of the shelf can add as a finishing touch just to make it appealing. Finish the table in your own choice of design or use an expert’s opinion. The internet can help you plan your décor in case you are indecisive.

A cool dresser with a mirror gives new life if used in the bathroom as a storage. The mirror will possibly be already attached to the storage so unless you want an extra mirror, there is probably no need to buy a mirror separately. You can change the way it looks if you want a much more personal look or feeling to it.

If you have a table that is not being used, turn it into a bathroom storage. If the legs are a bit longer, you can reduce them to make it more in touch with the room. The middle drawers can be used for storing towels, fragrances, etc. The cupboards on the sides can be used for storing cleaning wipes, hand towels, etc.

Most people don’t have enough space to put other essentials so using a trolley can help create more additional space. You can use to store extra toiletries.

A door hook is a simple way to store stuff, towels, bathrobes and night gowns.



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