31 Colourful Home Decor Ideas

1-2 Rainbow paper

1-2 Rainbow paper

Add some colour to your home with these beautiful rainbow DIY ideas that will leave you and your family feeling happy and bubbly all the time. Get the family and friends together and find ways to make your home look great or make gifts for the people you love.

Pins and thread DIY

Use pins and thread to colourfully write out a word or name on the wall. Get creative with the colour scheme.

Pumpkin colour pop

Get a plain pumpin and melt some crayons around it, the colours will be beautiful and it’s a great way to welcome fall.

Heart strings for valentines

Use thread to make heart shaped threaded designs for your loved ones.

Funny faced mason jars

Colect mason jars, paint them and add funny faces on them to help teach the kids to organize their room or even in the kitchen with utensils

Homemade rainbow dye shoes

Redesign your old shoes by adding a bit of colour to them. With pretty markers.

Watercoloured backpack for cool kids

This DIY trick is fantastic because it seems like the bag has been dipped in the colours but not quite. A white wash of sorts.

Rainbow collage art

collect colourful broken pieces of glass and glue them to a canvas. This will make a great addition to the family of art on your wall or add a bit of colour to a dull room.

Colourful clock mounted outside

This lovely colourful clock is mounted outside your backyard to help you keep track of the time especially when you are out in the garden.

Coloured water centerpiece

add coloured water to your flower vases to make it pop a bit. This centerpiece will  look great on the table during family lunches outside.

Revamp your old mugs

Upgrade your old mugs by letting paint drip down them, make sure you let it try and not smudge.

Woolen cup holders

These are great especially if you love drinking coffee but don’t want to get burnt. They also look cute.

Homemade bracelets for the rainbow nation

These summery bracelets are a must have for all people who love rainbow colours and have enough time to get threading.

Melted crayon canvas

This is great if you have a lot of small pieces of crayons lying around the ome and you don’t want them to go to waste. Get creative with the colour scheme.

Towers of candle holders

these tapered colured candles are great for display and when you need lights

Butterfly paper on a string

DIY gets fun when you get to make butterflies out of coloured paper and hang them from a string.

DIY dream catcher

Dream catchers keep the bad dreams away, the best part is you can make them yourself by following this easy and quick DIY tutorial.

Paper chest of coloured drawers

This gorgeous origami style pull out drawers is a great way to store small objects around the home.

Colourful rainbow cloud

This DIY trick is simple and elegant but also gets to use a plethora of colours in the form of raindrops.

Marbled rainbow shavings

This DIY can be made with the help of your baby, all they have to do is toss around a few colours and you can add he finishing touches.

Homemade colourful pillow

This pillow is in the shape of a rainbow and you get to pick out all the colours that show on it.

Rainbow beads key chain

This cute DIY project uses perle beads to make a new keychain in the form of a colourful rainbow.

Rainbow necklace with gumballs

This Project is so cute and pretty. Great for little princesses and princess.

Knitted rainbow square quilt

This is a cute project grandma’s and grandpa’s can get making for their grandchildren in their spare time.

Coloured origami stars

Place a few in a mason jar and put in on display. It will add colour and you can make it with the kids.

Tie and dye rainbow socks

If you have long plain socks lying around, get creative and add a few rainbow colours on them. You can also do the same to leggings or white jeans or anything as long as you love colour.

DIY kusadama flora

These flowers are a lovely DIY project to tackle in your spare time.

Folded paper snake

This cute fun DIY trick is great, you get to use coloured paper and make things come alive.

Valentines day book covers

If you are giving a loved one a book why not make a heart shaped book cover.

Homemade washi tape organizer

To hold all your magazines

Coloured sand in a jar

Colour some sand and place it in a mason jar

Rainbow thunder storms

Make these pretty rainbow thunder storms

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