28 Brilliant DIY ideas

28 brilliant DIY ideas 26

28 brilliant DIY ideas 26

We all get lazy especially when it comes to home décor and not having enough time, money or enthusiasm to go out there and find what we need to make the place we live in feel like home.  These DIY tricks are for us, the lazy bunch, all of these creative ideas will take less than an hour and don’t need that much effort, so get off your couch and just try something.

1 .A good doodle or quote on a tea or coffee mug makes it the best in the house. This easy DIY trick allows you to have fun with the mugs in your house all you need is a few felt pens and a mug. Get creative! And don’t forget to microwave it so the ink doesn’t come off later on.

2.If you enjoy browsing through the guys section like I do and find a great t shirt that in completely unflattering to your body, why not buy it, or find an old t-shirt you still like and turn it into a tank top that you can rock this summer or one you can use to work out at the gym before summer lands in full gear.

3.We have seen all those videos on instagram and the pictures on pintrest with the flawless nails. Did you know there is an easy DIY trick to make ombre nails using only a sponge, two different colored nail polish and good music.

4.If you are running out of places where to store your books, try this quick idea that makes floating book shelves on your wall. It is a great way to show off your collections in sections and to create more room on the table tops and drawers.

5.This idea is great for hanging on your wall or as gifts for close friends and family, all that you would need is a slab of wood, a picture and medium gel. This DIY trick will take a bit longer as you have to let the wood sit overnight in order to make sure the entire picture transfers well onto the wood. Once done you will realize it was worth the wait.

6.Rings are cute accessories, if you are in need for spare cash or just want to surprise someone you like you could make this heart shaped ring and sell them or give them to someone who makes your heart beat just a bit faster.

7.Nail polish can be used for more than just nails. If you have several keys lying around and are having a hard time identifying which key belongs to which room, you could design a color coded system than lets you paint each key a specific color to help you identify it faster.

8.If you travel a lot and always need to straighten your hair but never have time to wait for it to cool down this idea is perfect for you as all you need to do is fold a potholder in half and sew it so that it is fixed, now if you need to pack the hair straightener away you don’t need to wait for it to cool. It’s a ready to go kit.

9.If you have two similar ladders lying around why not use them to make a shelve stand. Ladders are already stable, all a few planks and you have ample space to store a few things at your convenience. You can always repaint it to fit the room it will be placed in.

10.Pallets are great for organizing space and replacing furniture that would have otherwise been expensive. This idea is great to make a sofa or couch the family can gather and relax on. Pallets are easy to work with as you can paint them any color. Just make sure you have enough pallets so everything is even.

11.Pallets are already segregated thus making them great as a bike rack.  There is not make work that goes into this, simply find a god  place to place the pallets and stack them up. You can always repaint it to make it look a bit more edgier.

12.This night time lantern will be great for the kids, playing with glitter and mason jars to make fireflies in a jar has a lovely effect. Try mixing different colored glitter for a more glamorous effect.

13.Coffee smells great! I think we can all agree on it, if you have the tiny candles lying around, add them to little jars filled with coffee, they will illuminate the room and add a lovely light coffee scent that teases the senses.

14.Glitter can make anything glamorous. It can brighten up décor or an entire outfit. If there is something you feel needs to be glitterized, mix the glitter color of your choice with mod podge and start painting. Be careful with glitter and try not to overdo it but do have fun.

15.Shoe storage space is forever not enough, this trick deals with that problem and all you need are a few old clothes hangers made from wire as they are easy to bend into a desired shape. Follow this easy tutorial to get your shoe rack sorted and ready for all your shoes.

16.All those long necklaces need a place to hang from where they won’t tangle with each other, find a piece of log and add a few pins to it. Hang that on the wall and get ready to view your jewelry on display.

17.If you want to sort your mail you could use an old shutter as a mail holder. This is a cute, simple and hassle free way to make sure your mail isn’t lying in a messy over your table or in a drawer somewhere.

18.Paint cans or PVC pipes make for great storage room. You can stack them up in the back of your clothes closet or a certain wall in your bed room to keep your shoes and odd bits of clothing like ties, belts and head scarves or beanies.

19.If there are power cuts in your neighborhood and maybe you need to study but all you have is a flashlight that does not offer enough animation. If you have an empty water jug, cut a circular hole in it the size of the flashlights circumference and push it through slightly. Use rope or tapes to secure it and you have a lovely bright make shift lamp.

20.If you have a few scarves lying around and it’s just too hot to use them, why not make a makeshift skirt that will be great because scarves come in very lovely shades that might spice up your wardrobe and fashion sense with a simple draped skirt.

21.Old picture frames do not have to go to waste, all you had to do was paint over the glass with chalkboard paint, allow it to dry and place the frames in strategic positions. You could make a few for the kids or as a reminder for your to do list or shopping list in the kitchen.

22.Instead of throwing out all those magazines you spent years collecting.  Use them to make a stool; all you need is a large stack of magazines, two belts and a small cushion. This DIY trick will really add a posh tool to your sitting room area.

23.Glue guns don’t only help to stick things together; they can be used to engrave things like bottles. Peel off the label on a bottle, write the word you want with a felt pen, go over this with a glue gun and wait for it to dry. After it has dried repaint the bottle and you will have your own engraved bottle.

24.This is a fun idea for your porch or the kid’s rooms; maybe you have a play room or are planning to have a sleep over. All you need to do is gather a few pillows preferable of the same type and sew them together until they are long enough to cover the average human length,  this I s about 5-6 pillows depending on the kinds of pillows.

25.Hexagonal bolts are not only good for fixing things around the house; they make great accessories like necklaces and ropes. Get a bit of twine or a thread that can handle the weight of the bolts and continuous friction.

26.That collection of corkscrews you have been gathering for sometimes now can actually be put to use, all you need is a frame, glue and pins to make a fabulous notice board.

27.So Christmas is over and those lights have to be put away, why not do something else with them? Like putting them in a mason jar, to make a lamp with colorful lights. It will look like the fireflies are having a party in your mason jar.

28.If you are tired of your pillow cases but don’t have the cash to get some new ones. Why not make your own with this easy DIY tutorial, all you need is a piece of cloth that you can wrap around your pillow and redecorate.

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