27 Awesome All Round DIY ideas

30 Awesome all round DIY ideas 10

30 Awesome all round DIY ideas 10

Anyone and everyone who is not lazy to get up and spare a few minutes of their time can get on to this and make themselves some really awesome DIY crafts. These ideas are easy and cheap to make and they will take up very little of your time. We hope you love it.

1.Ladies, do you have a piece of fabric sitting around that you don’t use? This is a great one, turn that fabric easily into a stylish skirt.

2.Using a string and hexagonal nuts you can easily make a bracelet with these easy steps. Very easy and unique to you.

3.Mod and Podge glitter can be used to glamourize just about anything, go ahead and try it on a few things.

4.Use a glue gun to write on plastic bottles, whether a love message or as a labeling mean, it is beautiful.

5.Put a pillow and two belts on top of a stack of books or old magazines to create this makeshift stool. A beautiful EASY and unique idea.

6.Here we give you the easy instructions of how to make a glow jar for the bedroom.

7.This idea is amazing for the kids in a playroom or TV room. Simply sow pillows together to their sizes and this creates a body size pillow. Brilliant!

8.For the ladies, you can make your nail polish in this beautiful blend by using a small sponge, leaves your nails in a beautiful shade of two colors.

9.This idea is AMAZING. This step by step collage shows you how you can easily transfer a photo onto a slab of wood and it looks amazing

10.This is an easy way of someone to make your very own spray paint. What you do is you mix 2parts acrylic paint with 1part water in a bottle.

11.Check out this cool shelf on ladders idea. It’s very easy to make using just pieces of planks and two ladders of even more depending on how much space you need on it, a fun and creative idea.

12.With this idea you can turn some frames into really cool chalk boards, to jot down little reminders around the home.

13.This mason jar idea is really cool in its simplicity. Simply take a string of lights and put them in the jar and you have a nice lighting source.

14.This bicycle stand is made from wooden pallets and it is a great money saver, you can make it look better by adding paint and vanish to the pallets.

15.Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can turn your clothe hangers into shoe hangers.

16.With wooden pallets and some sponges from old sofas, you can turn your living room and living area into this amazing beauty.

17.Make you own DIY work out shirt with these easy steps.

18.Glue Corks Into a picture frame of any size you want and make this amazing piece, you could turn it into a bulletin board too if you want or pin any notes you want to remember on it.

19.Here is one great example for the ladies(with instructions) on how you can go about handling your hair straightener.

20.Create these floating bookshelves near your study table using this really cool idea, all you need is bookends and some screws and screwdrivers

21.Get plain mugs and some sharpies and make yourself and your loved ones some really cool custom sharpie mugs.

22.Get yourself some cheap furniture knobs and a piece of wood and screw them in, this is beautiful to hang up as a place to put your necklaces or keys .

23.Get old shutters and hang up on a wall or near the door and this makes for a great place to put all your unread mail and letters, neat clean and efficient.

24.Here we give a step by step collage on how with just a pair of pliers you can make your own heart ring, beautiful.

25.Here we give you a simple and easy way to make yourself a pillow case without sewing it, a simple method with any piece of fabric you wish.

26.Label your keys with nail polish, apart from this being a nice decorative measure it also would be used to remember the key by its color.

27.Who thought a headlamp and a water jug would make such great lighting. Just peel off the label on the water container and strap the light around it.

28.For the ladies who want their shoes and heels to stand out, here is one DIY idea for coloring your shoes and having them look brand new.

29.Stack pvc pipes on the wall and this makes for a shoe stand which can be altered at any time, for a more permanent one, you could glue them onto the wall.

30.For a special evening dinner with a loved one or just for the normal day in. This is a great idea to bring about some calm to the home, with the coffee beans and tea lights.

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