25 Projects to Show off Your Amazing DIY Skills

12. DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Frame

12. DIY-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Frame

When you think of creating something on your own, sometimes it can be daunting. Crafty DIY ideas don’t have to be that hard, in fact, most of them are simple and very easy. It’s just the initiative to get started. We have compiled a list of easy DIY projects you and your friends can get your hand dirty and make something amazing.

Pebble door mat: This is a cute and earthy door mat that will feel great on your feet and be a great addition to a room that feels empty or odd.

Homemade lantern: This is a simple, artistic DIY project that is easy to do and great for a make shift candle holder that is artsy and conveniently easy and cheap to make.

Cable art: If you have a very long cable lying around that is taking up space on the floor why not make some art on the wall with it to clear up the mess and also have something creative to look at.

Gold Teacups: This amazing DIY is great to bring a bit of life to those plain mugs or cups that need a bit of flair and elegance added to them.

DIY Peg planter: Pegs can be used for more than just clothes on a line. Because they have a natural wood like feel you can pin them around an empty tin to make a beautiful flower pot that will look great on your table.

Blue paper gift box: Feel free to use paper of any color, this idea is simple and cute and can be used at parties to help sort out various treats in order to organize the space better.

Crayon stencils: Crayons can make great letter stencils as the colors already stick out and there is a variety of sizes and colors to pick from.

Barbed wire picture frame: Barbed wire can be used inside the house as well. Use it in an empty frame to hold pictures of your favorite moments with friends. This easy DIY project will look great in any room.

DIY kitchen utensil holder: We always need a place to keep our utensils; this DIY project helps you understand how to get that from using your own hands. All you need is a few tins and paint.

Homemade dyed shoes: If you have plain shoes lying around that you would like to liven up again, this idea will help you turn an old pair of shoes into something new and fun.

Cable management shoe box: Now you can finally manage all those cables on the floor by using this easy DIY idea. All you need to do is repaint a shoe box and cut holes in it. You will see the difference immediately.

Toilet paper roll frame: When the toilet paper is done there is always that roll left and often it is thrown away, did you know you can use it? Collect a few and make a frame for your mirror or maybe even a picture.

DIY flower pot garden stand: If you are new to gardening, want to have many plants but don’t have enough space this idea is just for you. Paint the pots and color and use a rod to keep them in line.

Geometric photo gallery: You can add a bit of fun to your pictures on the wall. These fantastic idea just needs a bit of wool and you can begin to play around with the different geometrical shapes around your pictures.

Painting geometrical shapes with paint: Have fun repainting a room with this idea. Use different shapes to highlight the different shapes. This will bring more natural attention to the pictures, feel free to use different colored thread for a more bold approach.

Ceiling book holder: This idea is great if you want to add something natural looking to your room. Hand a piece of wood from your ceiling and use it as a book shelf.

Welcome home place mat: Get some paint and paint any words on an old mat to make it brand new.

Lamp with lace: This idea is great for a DIY novice. Make a lamp that is classy looking.

Ladder made shelf: Old ladders don’t have to go to waste. Use them as a shelve rack to save space

DIY fridge magnets: Bottle caps can be turned into fridge magnets so collect your fave ones and go DIY crazy.

Mason jars as holders: Mason jars are great for helping to organize a space.

Easy DIY paper plate basket: This cute idea is great for taking a baked snack to a friend/ you can also use it during parties to serve snacks.

Spoon DIY garden hanger: Use old spoons as a hanger in your garden.

DIY can grill: This easy grill is for emergencies and also looks cute and can be used closer to the house or at a camp.

Wooden block picture project: Transferring an old picture or your favorite picture to a wooden block instead of framing pictures. It can make for a great present.

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