21 Brilliant DIYs for Christmas Wreaths

6. Pine Cone Wreath

6. Pine Cone Wreath

Christmas wreaths have been a part of the Christmas decoration tradition for a really long time. During the Christmas season, you are likely to see a fair share of Christmas wreaths everywhere you go. This Christmas, I want to make my wreaths a bit more unique. If you are like me, then here are some amazing DIYs for you to try out for your Christmas wreaths this holiday. Add a little bit of uniqueness to make your whole wreath look different and festive.

Christmas Ornament Wreaths

To make this, you will need to use some different colored Christmas ornaments. Add the ornaments to a ring and make sure that no part of the ring can be seen after you are done with wreath. You can choose to use different sizes for the ornaments. This will add more artistic feel to the Christmas wreath.

Cloth Hanger Wreath

For this wreath, you can also use some Christmas ornaments. The colors of the ornaments do not necessarily have to be associated to Christmas. Instead of an ordinary ring, you can use a cloth hanger. Twist the hanger until its bottom part forms a ring. You can then sick your ornaments onto the ring part. You can cover the hook with a ribbon. You can use the hook to hang the wreath anywhere you please.

Plastic Christmas Tree Branch Wreath

This wreath is made out of some plastic Christmas tree branches. You can stick the branches onto a ring and make sure no part of the ring can be seen after you are done. You can then add some Christmas ornaments and ribbons to the wreath to complete its look.

Fern Wreath

Ferns are nice, green and bendy enough to be used to make a wreath. They are a nice light green in color and this will make the wreath look nice and friendly. You can add some Christmas light to the wreath as part some decorations.

Christmas Tree Wreath

For this, you will simply have to cut out some parts of a Christmas tree, and stick these parts to a ring that you can make on your own from some wire. You can choose to hang this wreath as it is, or add a few ornaments and ribbons to decorate it.

Pine Cone Wreath

This wreath is definitely not one you get to see every day! I love how it looks like no other. This will definitely bring some uniqueness to your Christmas decorations. You can add in some parts of s Christmas tree to the pine cone wreath add a little more color to it. You can also place some Christmas lights onto this wreath if you like.

Pine Straw Wreath

To make this, you simply have to make a ring from some pine straw. Then, you can add some little dried branches that have been spray painted with some silver paint, to the front part of the wreath.  You can then decorate this wreath with some gold and silver ornaments and ribbons.

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Wreath Ornaments

These little wreaths can be used as Christmas ornaments. You can choose to hang them in your Christmas trees or to simply hang them on your walls. They are small and easy to make. You can make them with some Christmas colored material.

Rope Christmas Wreaths

For this, you will need to plait the rope to make it thicker. Then, you simply wrap the plaited rope onto a cardboard ring. The rope you use can be any color and the ring can be any size that you want. To finish making this wreath, you will need to tie a ribbon and hang the wreath.

Driftwood Christmas Wreath

For this, all you have to do is stick some driftwood to a cardboard. The size of the cardboard will determine the size of the wreath. You can choose to paint a few of the pieces of driftwood with some Christmas colors before sticking them to the wreath.

DIY Peg Wreath

Paint some pegs with any Christmas colors you please. Then, make a ring from a cloth hanger. You then clip the pegs to the ring when the paint has dried up. Simply add a different colored Christmas ribbon to complete the look of the wreath.

Christmas Card Wreath

For this wreath, you will also need to use some pegs. This time around, you will be using the pegs to clip some Christmas cards to the ring. The Christmas card that you clip to make the wreath can be those that you have received from others.

Silver Wreath

To make this wreath, you can use some dried bamboo. You can then spray paint this wreath with some silver paint. To decorate the wreath, you can use a white Christmas garland and some silver ornaments of any size you choose.

Plastic Ball Wreath

Stick some plastic balls to a white ring. The balls can be of any size you please. The plastic balls have to be white as well. You can choose to paint over some colored plastic balls with some white paint just as well. Add a little color to the wreath by tying a Christmas colored ribbon.

Christmas Themed Wreath

This Christmas wreath is even more Christmas than ordinary wreaths. This is because the wreaths resemble some characters related to Christmas. You can make your wreaths to resemble a reindeer, snowman or even Santa’s hat.

Sack Christmas Wreath

Sacks can also be used to make wreaths. To make these, you will need to wrap sacks around some rings. You can secure the sacks to the rings by tying the sacks with some Christmas ribbons. You can then choose to add some Christmas ornaments to the wreath.

Simple Lettered Christmas Wreaths

These wreaths do  not have so much happening with them. They are quite simple but look absolutely amazing. To decorate them, you can simply use some flowers, ribbons or letters that could represent your name.

Lightened Wreaths

Christmas lights are a great way to decorate you Christmas wreaths. For this DIY, you will have to use a lot of Christmas lights to make your wreaths outstanding. You can use any color for the Christmas lights. Any color will make the wreaths stand out.

Christmas Ornament Wreath on a Wire Hanger

Wire hangers are great for making the ring for Christmas wreaths. This is because you can use the hook to hang the wreath when you are done. Christmas ornaments are also idea when it comes to making a Christmas wreath because of their nice and outstanding colors.

Mixed Material Wreath

You do not have to specifically use one kind of material to make your Christmas wreaths. You can mix and match different types of material to make your wreaths absolutely unique. You can use pine cones, ornaments, ribbons and parts of a Christmas tree all at once.

Woolen Balls Christmas Wreaths

To make these wreaths, you simply stick some woolen thread balls to a ring. You can choose to mix different colored woolen thread for the same wreath or, single colored woolen thread. It works great with any.

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