20 Great DIY Candle Ideas

3.Artichoke Candle Holder

3.Artichoke Candle Holder

A collection of 20 creative, easy and inexpensive holiday candle projects.

Branch Floating Candle;

These centerpieces have a beautiful and modern look, also very budget-friendly. You only need twigs which can be collected from your backyard, buy a number of floating candles and tall clear glasses of different heights and just put them together. You can basically use them for any occasion, from formal wedding to an intimate get together dinner.

Tree Stump Candle Holder

There is something about woody decoration. It never disappoints. As messy and rusty it can be, it would always bring the amazing and majestic look wherever it will be placed. Select logs with diameter of at least 4”, clean the dirt and dust off. Then saw off any protruding branches with a jig saw or hand saw. Slice the ends off the logs with miter saw for a nice, clean cute, making sure each cut is perpendicular to the length of the log so it won’t lean when standing upright. Make them in different heights; it is more beautiful with varying heights. Next, drill holes on top to the depth that equals the candle size. Then you’re set to light up your world.

Artichoke Candle Holder

This is a vegetable centerpiece. It is inexpensive, unique and fresh looking.

You will need;

Artichokes, Lemon juice, Knife, Scissors, Tapered candles

Begin with chopping off the bottom stem of the artichoke so it can stand upright. Trim the leaves’ tips. Pour few drops of lemon juice at the cut bottom, this will prevent it from oxidizing. Next, pry the leaves apart until you reach the center where is the round heart of the leaves, hold the leaves open as you put the candle inside then wrap back the leaves to close. Add more lemon juice inside for the same purpose, keeping it from oxidizing.

They look wonderful and can also be combined with other floral arrangement of your preference.

Wine Cork Candle Holder

One evening when I was at the restaurant with my friend, we saw the worker of this restaurant throwing lots of the wine cork into the rubbish bin. Then I thought, these corks can be a décor somehow, but I did not have any ideas that time. I stood up and approached the worker. Luckily, he was one among my friends from this restaurant because I often drink there. I asked if next time I could come pick the wine corks instead of them throwing them. He was confused, why would I want them? But I focused on his eyes and smiled. He said, “No problem at all”. Two week later, this was the result. I took a picture and showed him. Guess what? The restaurant adopted the idea and gave me the compliment feedback from customers. It was such an honor.

Orange Lights

This is another fascinating piece of art. Just pilling off your oranges, make a hole and put your lights inside as in the pictures. Along with a beautiful and cool look, it also accompanied by a nice smell. You will make deem and soft light which will last a very long time.

Pumpkins’ Lights

Bring some warmth to your home this season with scent of some pumpkin candles. Yes, if you are one of those pumpkin spice obsessed people; try it too so your house can smell as cozy and inviting as all cinnamon things do.

Cinnamon Stick Candles

This is such an easy craft that you will be able to do this project in less than half an hour! All you need are cinnamon sticks, candles sticks, candles, a rubber band and some ribbon/twin.  Put the cinnamon sticks under the rubber band which you will have tied around your candle. For more interest, make their height vary. And when the entire candle is covered in sticks, you can then wrap twine around rubber band in order to conceal it and you are done.

Candle Log

This is my favorite. It is very easy to make yet majestic. If you love dim lights in your house, this would suit you. Just take a piece of a log, any from the streets or wood. Put little holes of a little candle size. These candles are available in IKEA or any other shop. Place them in, light them up and see the magic it brings. Once I tried this at my house, everyone loved it.

Birch Wood Log Candles.

Maybe one of the easiest ways to twist an ordinary tea light idea into incredible rustic light is going out into the woods and search for a good-sized birch tree.

Glass Bottle Candle

These candles carry some feelings and sensation with them. They are so calming.

Moss and Pine Candle

For a green touch on your dining table, this could be a good option. I love how the white and green have blended. Perfect!

Bug Repellent Candle

Bugs are in different shapes and sizes. Regardless how we see them as annoyance, we shouldn’t forget role they play in ecological balance. We don’t have to kill them; we can still get comfortable even with their presence around us. DIY brings you a homemade bug repellent candle using citrus, thyme, lavender, rosemary, citronella oil, cinnamon, hot water and floating candle.

Mason jar Candle Holder

Try this unique way of arranging your candles in a mason jar quarter-buried in sand to add the décor and grace of your household.

Flavored Candle

There is a wide range of scented candles and fragrances. Find unique candle scents to brighten and fresh up your home.

Ice Lanterns

It is winter right? We need corresponding décor ideas. Say hello to ice lanterns! They are really quick and easy to make. If live in an area below freezing, these guys can just survive on your front porch or front steps the all winter. Rock your winter décor!

Lava Candle

These candles sure do look fun, shaped to look like high terrain, molded in exact detail to the peaks of cascade mountain range in western America. Built for outdoor lover, these candles make a great gift and look like miniature active volcanoes when lit.

Lace Candle Decor

Creativity and self design is never ending and ending in the ones you share your best self with. You only need a lace (any color you like), glass and candle for this. I think these are beautiful decoration pieces.

Birch Wood Log Candle Holder

Another birch wood log idea for a candle décor is here. Looking perfectly rustic. If you are a rustic decor person, you should definitely try this.

Flower Pressed Candle

Light your candle on a chilly fall night and remember those farmer’s market flowers that brightened so many summer days.

Colorful Waxed Candle

Are you a colorful person? If yes, then this would be you doing this in the coming summer. Colors bring joy and a cheerful mood.

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