20 Creative Handmade Gifts DIYs

4. DIY Photo in a Bottle

4. DIY Photo in a Bottle

When it comes to giving gifts and presents, handmade ones are better at times. Others prefer giving gifts that they have made themselves. They want the present they give to mean as much as it does to them, to the receiver. If you are one of these people, then best believe that you have come to the right place. Here, you will find some absolutely creative and easy to make gifts for you to give away. From the handmade gift DIYs that are provided here, you will be able to use your creative and artsy side to made some beautiful gifts for your loved ones.

Personalized Candles

For this DIY you can use some scented candles. To make sure that the picture sticks really well to the candle, you can use strong glue, or, soften the outer part of the candle a bit then place the picture. As the candle hardens again, the picture will get firmly attached. The receiver of this personalized candle gets to enjoy the lovely scent the candle gives out and at the same time, get to remember a fond memory of when the picture was taken.

DIY Photo Strip for Valentine’s

If you want to give a thoughtful and absolutely beautiful gift to give to your valentine, then this is exactly what you need. It involves sticking some pictures of you and your valentine on a strip of paper. You then fold the paper, without disturbing the photographs, and the placing the strip into a small and simple box. For the paper you will use for the strip, you can use any color and cut it out into any pattern you please.

Love Quotes and Photographs

When it comes to handmade gifts, you can never go wrong with pictures. For this DIY, you can cut out a paper into a strip. This strip can be of any shape and color you please. On one side of the strip, you can stick some photographs of you and the gift receiver. And on the other side of the strip, you can write down or stick some beautiful love messages and quotes. This gift is sure to be received so warmly!

DIY Photo in a Bottle

This gift is quite lovely, if I do say so myself. For this DIY, you can use a clean and clear glass bottle. Then on the inside of the bottle’s lid, you can stick a piece of woolen thread or yarn. On the other end of the yarn, you can stick a photograph that the receiver will surely treasure. For this gift, you can use a glass bottle of any size, and a piece of yarn of any color.

Handmade Mini Diary

For this DIY, you will simply need to make a miniature diary. Make sure that the diary has quite a number of pages so that it can be used for longer. For the cover of the diary, you can use some artistically colored material that is unique and creative. The receiver can use this mini diary to write down quotes, reminders and anything else they please.

“Open When…” Letters

If you are all about that creativity, you can give this DIY a try. Not only is it easy and affordable to make, it is also highly going to be well appreciated by the receiver. This DIY involves writing letters or notes to the receiver. These letters or notes are to be opened when even the receiver is feeling a particular way, based on what the letter is about. This gift will make the receiver feel like you are always there with them, no matter the situation.

Messages on a Board

This gift idea is one of the easiest and yet lovely ways to tell someone what they mean to you. For this, you will need to make words from the letters of the main word that usually describes the kind of relationship that you have with the receiver.

Pop up Board

For this board, you will need to make little blocks that can easily lie on the board and also be easily made to stand. On the blocks, you can post photographs that the gift receiver will very much so appreciate. The pictures can easily be of you and the receiver or of any other memories that bring pleasantries to the receiver.

DIY Heart in a Globe

This handmade gift is quite simple, but that does not mean it will not be treasured by the receiver just as well. You might be surprised how the simplest of gifts can make the biggest of impacts on somebody. To complete the look of this globe, you can add a simple, but lovely message. If the receiver enjoys some cheesiness, you can make the message cheesy, for their entertainment.

Saturday Slippers

If the gift receiver spends a good amount of time indoors, especially during winter, then this will be a well appreciated gift. These indoor slippers are quite comfortable ant stylish at the same time. You can easily make the slippers to resemble a stylish type of shoe that the receiver likes.

Unique Framed Gift

Instead of just framing a picture, you can add a little more creativity to it. You can add some lettering and creatively placing a number of photographs into one frame. For this DIY, there isn’t much required to be done. That little you will do can, together, make an incredible gift.

DIY Coaster

Some people are quite obsessed with coasters. If the receiver of your gift is one of these people, then best believe that they will really appreciate these personalized coasters. To make these coasters, you will need to stick some photographs onto a piece of wood that is a sizable size for a coaster. Make sure that the photo is well stuck so that it doesn’t easily fall off.

DIY Paper Mache Photo Letters

Letters and photos go quite well together. For this DIY, you can use a big letter. On this Letter, you then stick some pictures that the receiver will like. Make sure that you stick the pictures in a creative way and at the same time, making sure that the letter can easily be identified. You can then add a hook on one part of the letter so that it can easily be hang on the way.

DIY Photo Cube

To make this gift, you will need a wooden cube and some photographs. You can then stick the photos onto five faces of the cube. We use only five of the six faces because the sixth is the one you get to place on the table or counter when displaying the Photo Cube.

Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s day is an incredible day that is celebrated by many. This gift involves sticking some letters and photos onto a wooden board so to make a beautiful piece of art to give out on mother’s day. You can use the simplest of colors for the lettering and still achieve in making the board look unique.

Special Words on Boards

For this board gift, you need to make words from the letters of another word. You do not necessarily have to make the letter from the main word the first of the smaller words. The more random you place the letters from the main word, the more of a unique pattern you will make on the board. For this DIY gift, you have to make sure that color of the letters and words go well with the color that the board has.

Blocks of Love

This gift takes some time to make, but in the end of it all, it will be worth it. For this, you will need to write some beautiful messages on some blocks. The length of the message will be determined by the size of the blocks you will use. You can use some colored pens and markers to wrote the messages and decorate the blocks.

Easy to make Gift

If you are looking for a gift to help a child make, then this is perfect for you to try out. Not only is it an easy gift to make, it will also be quite fun for the child to make. It involved using paint and other colors to make finger drawings. A short message can be written on the blank spaces on the painting. You can then help the child put this painting in a frame.

Handmade Braai Stand

If the gift receiver loves to grill and braai things, then this gift is perfect to give them. It basically involves making a mini braai stand from a clay plant pot. This is absolutely creative and quite easy to make. In the plant pot, you can place a metal tray on the bottom and a braaing wire.

Flowered Lettering

For this DIY, you need to cut up some floral foam into a shape of a letter. You can then place the floral form into a container with the shape of the letter. On the foam, you can then place some beautiful colored fresh flowers. This way, the gift receiver gets to water their flowers and keep their gift looking beautiful for some time.

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