19 Creative Ways Of Decorating With Ornaments Without A Tree

19 Creative Ways Of Decorating With Ornaments Without A Tree 17

19 Creative Ways Of Decorating With Ornaments Without A Tree 17

Christmas is finally here, it is finally time for us to decorate our homes and get into the festive mood. We do understand that traditional decorations can get boring. We give you creative DIY ideas of how you can use ornaments for they do not only belong on the Christmas tree.

1.We know that those Christmas office parties have started and other Christmas events. For the ladies here is how you can in cooperate a bit of a festive look to your outfit.

2.The festive season is filled with a lot of drinking at dinners and parties. If you are hosting this year, do consider dolling up your wine classes with miniature ornaments to bring a bit of a festive feel to your décor.

3.If you have a chandelier in your home, you can put on it different colored ornaments of different sizes. This will even bring a greater sparkle on to your chandelier when it is lit. Very beautiful for those night events.

4.This is our personal favorite. Matte colored baubles are everything this festive season and do not only belong on your tree. Here is how you can decorate with them on your staircase.

5.If you are struggling to find a way to decorate your side tables or center pieces this one if for you. Use your cake stand and place baubles of different size and color. You can also top it off with a miniature Christmas tree but that is optional.

6.This is absolutely stunning, hanging ornaments from your roof or chandelier. Make sure you ensure the color match your décor. This red and silver look brings out the festive spirit and is nothing short of classy and elegant.

7.These string ornaments are perfect for either your indoors or outdoors.  Imagine all this color on your porch outside with a bit of light, your guests will feel right at home before they even enter your home.

8.You can also use large ornaments for place settings by simply attaching name of your guest according to your preferred sitting order. Don’t forget to put your single friends next to each other lol.

9.Oh yes, your guests will definitely love drinking from ornaments. This brings that fun festive feel to the spirit of Christmas. Also do this for the kids, they will love it.

10.I hope you have a lamp with an open and transparent base because is this perfect for you this festive season. Add onto your lamp ornaments of your preferred color and dazzle your décor this festive season.

11.This is one of my favorite Christmas décor ideas. If you have an old wooden window frame laying around here is how you can hook ornaments with clear string and make an amazing Christmas piece.

12.This mini ornament garden can be a centerpiece for your living room or it even fits perfectly for your side tables.

13.No excuse to not sparkle this festive season. Make this unique hanging master piece by putting into a lantern ornaments and Christmas string lights.

14.Transform any door with a bundle of ornaments in different colors that will have your guests in a festive mood before they even enter your home.

15.This year stop at nothing when it comes to decorating your home for the festive season. If you are hosting a few outdoor events this Christmas you can have a few ornament made plants to have your guest marveling. Christmas is in the winter for most of us so if you can’t have any outdoor events you can simply have these plants on your porch.

16.Bring some elegance to your Christmas dinner décor with mini ornament vases around your table.

17.This is truly a beautiful piece for your décor this Christmas. Take a shadow box and sprinkle some glitter or just use glitter paper for the back drop before adding ornaments and closing with a glass with a beautiful festive message for your family and friends.

18.If you are equally tired of traditional Christmas trees as we are then maybe this ornament Christmas tree is the best idea for you this Christmas.

19.Place ornaments on your candle stands for a bright, fun and unique Christmas décor.

We hope you find our ideas useful and we contribute towards making your space beautiful this festive season. Merry Christmas and a happy happy New Year.

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