19 Cool DIY Ideas Using Pennies

19 Cool DIY Ideas Using Pennies 15

19 Cool DIY Ideas Using Pennies 15

We know that in today’s economy the penny has not significant value. Many times we find ourselves with ridiculous amounts of pennies everywhere but use for them. Here is how you can put your pennies to good use.

1.Make this beautiful pendant for you or a loved one. In fact this could be a perfect gift if two of the same are made for you and your friend or special somebody.

2.Wall art should not always have to cost an arm and leg. Here is how you can make yourself a penny framed wall art that will have your home looking vintage and stylish.

3.Jewelry today tells a story and this piece is no different. This neck piece is modern and absolutely stylish and high end fashion. One of our personal favorites.

4.Still on neck pieces here is another magnificent idea. Gifts are usually not about money but the thought, hard work and creativity that went into making a piece. Gentlemen we guarantee your ladies will love you forever once you have made this for them.

5.Here is how you can in cooperate pennies into your wardrobe. Spray pennies into any color of your choice. Metallic colors or gold or silver will give you that fine vintage look and use the pennies as your buttons on jackets and coats. Smart right?

6.You are about to stun your guests with this tin vase for your plants and flowers. If you feel that you don’t like the natural color of the tin and pennies you are at liberty to have it painted in any color of your choice.

7.How precious is this? Frame you home mirror with you pennies and have the ultimate stylish grand mirror for your home.

8.That all table needs not go to the garbage. You can have a new looking table by covering the top with pennies.

9.Go on and make a penny napkin ring for your dinner table. We would advise though to be careful with the material used for the ring as this will go on the dinner table which is meant for food consumption.

10.Here is how you can doll up your serving tray and make it more appealing with pennies covered on the base of the tray.

11.Make your pennies count by covering the bar top with pennies. I trust that your friends will marvel at this creativity when they are having a beer or two.

12.That old coffee table needs not to be thrown out. All it needs is a little touch here and there and you can achieve that by covering it with pennies.

13.Cover your old vase with pennies to let it looking vintage and absolutely stunning!

14.Dazzle up your home with covering a sculpture with pennies to have the ultimate wall art that will be the center of your home.

15.Cover block letters with pennies and achieve an absolutely stunning wall art that does not have to cost you your kidney in expenses.

16.You can also work with your pennies outdoors. Here is how you can cover the roof of your bird house with pennies. Your garden will look amazing.

17.If you are not afraid of taking chances then this idea is exactly for you. Create a great art wall with just pennies. This will have your guests walking around as if they are at an exhibition. In admiration!

18.Or if you are not that bold you can just do a bit of your all and it will equally look stunning.

19.You can also break grounds literally by having your floor tiled with pennies. This is super awesome and will just look incredible.

There you go. Be creative, unique and get those pennies working.

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