18 Incredible Ideas for Christmas Card

10. Colored Tissue Paper Christmas tree Cards

10. Colored Tissue Paper Christmas tree Cards

As we are approaching the festive winter holidays, we start to prepare for different festive traditions and activities. One of the most common activities, for this time of the year, is giving out cards. This year, you can get absolutely creative and make your very own cards to give out. This definitely makes the card giving tradition more personal. Those who will receive the cards will absolutely feel the love and your caring from these personalized cards. Here are some fantastic ideas for you to choose from to make some festive cards this year.

Pop up Christmas Tree Card

This definitely is quite creative. It does not involve much work to be put into making it really. You simply have to cut out a Christmas tree from any paper with any decorations you please. Then, fold Manila paper to make the card. You can use any Christmas colored Manila paper. You then stick the Christmas tree in a way that allows it to pop up when the card is opened. You can then add some decorations onto the card, whether it is some painting, glitters or some festive stickers.

Paint Chip Christmas Cards

For this, you will need to use some colored paper. Choose particular colors that you would like to use to make some Christmas trees for your cards. Then, make sure you use three to four shades of the colors you pick. Cut out the colored papers into the shapes they need to make a Christmas tree. Then, stick the same color pieces of paper to make the trees. You can choose to either have the darker shade of the chosen colors as the bases of the trees so that as the tree goes up, the shade of color gets lighter, or vice versa.

Button Ornaments Cards

To make these cards, you will need different shaped, colored and sized buttons. It would be most preferable if the colors of the buttons are the Christmas colors. All you will need to do is to use a plain white manila paper to make the card. The manila has to be white so that the colors of the buttons pop out. Then, stick on the paper the different buttons. You can have the buttons in a particular patterned way. You can then use colors to draw some lines from the buttons to the edge of the paper so to make the buttons look like hanging Christmas ornaments.

Christmas tree Cards

This is another idea that involves putting Christmas trees on your cards. You can never go wrong with Christmas trees during this festival season. For these cards, you must use different hues of green to make the trees. Stick the different hues together so that the color really blends in well. Cut out the paper to make the trees and simply stick them to paper with a single color. Make sure that the color of the paper will not over shadow the trees.

Black and White effect

For these cards, you will be using black and white papers. You can choose to use the black paper as the main card and cut out Christmas trees from the white paper, or vice versa. For the decorations on the trees, you can use colors such as grey, silver and gold. Make sure that the decorations for the trees are simple and yet stand out.

Different Material Cards

These cards are very creative. You get to use different material to make them. You can use cloth, paper and buttons at the same time. You choose to stick pieces of Christmas colored cloth on your cards to make Christmas trees, or draw the Christmas tree and decorate it by sticking some buttons on it. This is absolutely amazing.

3D Christmas Card Decorations

For this, you will need different patterned paper to make the decorations. You can then stick the decorations on a plain Manilla paper. Stick together different patterned papers to make a 3D ornament. You can then stick this ornament on the front part of the card.

Folded Christmas tree Cards

I absolutely love this idea! It allows me to look artsy and creative. All you have to do to make the trees is to fold some plain paper into triangles. Make sure that the pieces of paper that you will use to make the trees in not too big so that your tree can fit perfectly into the card. Stick these folded triangles, starting with the smallest top triangle. Stick the pieces one on top of the other with some part hanging below. This will create perfect edges for the tree. You can then add some decorations onto the tree.

Complimentary colors Christmas tree

You will need to use two papers to make this card. You will need a read paper and a green paper. The fun part about these colors is that not only are they Christmas colors, the two are complementary colors as well. Cut up one of the papers so that when folded right, the cut up parts stand out to look like a Christmas tree. You can then stick the tree paper onto the other paper.

Colored Tissue Paper Christmas tree Cards

This is quite and easy idea to do. All you will need to do is stick some pieces of pieces of colored tissue paper onto our card to make a Christmas tree. You can stick the tissue paper in a way that gives it pleats. This will definitely make the tree look more realistic.

Newspaper Christmas Tree Cards

To make these Christmas trees for your cards, you will need to cut out a manila paper that is in a Christmas color, into a semi-circle. You can then cut out a newspaper into a semi-circle almost the same size as the Manila paper semi-circle. You can the stick the two shapes together. Fold them to make a shape of a Christmas tree. You can then stick this onto the main card paper.

Gifts in Card

For this, you will need to carefully draw some squares on the folded part of your card. Cut out just the top and bottom of the squares. You can the fold these square in and stick that paper onto a manila paper, with the folded squares on the inside of the card. You can then cut out and stick some pieces of gift wrapping paper onto the protruding folding parts so that it looks like they are gifts.

Paper Ball Christmas tree Cards

To make these paper balls, you will need to tightly roll some strips of colored paper and stick it so that it holds the rolled shape. You then cut up one side of the rolled paper so to make little strips that are stuck together. Spread the little strips so that they make the rolled up paper look like a little fluffy ball. You can then stick these balls onto your card in a shape of a Christmas tree.

Simple Wool Christmas tree Cards

This is by far the simplest idea you can use for your cards. It is perfect if you have limited time to spend on making cards. These cards are not only simple to make, but quick as well. Stick a woolen string to make a Christmas tree.

Button Wreath

For this, you can use different shades of the same color to make a wreath from some buttons.  You can choose to use different sized buttons so to add some uniqueness to the wreath. You can then simply add a ribbon on the top of your button wreath Christmas card.

Collage Christmas Cards

This involves making Christmas that are more or less a collage. Your cards can have the same color theme and many other similarities. It will be a collage with basically Christmas and winter related decorations.

Winter festive Cards

If you want to use simple Christmas decorations for your cards and still look creative, then these ideas are for you. You can simply make a Christmas tree from a stick and ribbons and stick them to a plain paper, or make any other festive decorations to place on the front of your cards.

Christmas Color Cards

For this, you will need to use the three famous Christmas colors for your cards, green white and red. You can easily choose to make any Christmas associated decorations for the front part of the card. You can choose to layer up the green and red papers then use the white to bring out the shape of a Christmas tree.

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