17 Fabulous DIY Decor ideas

2 DIY lace dreamcatcher

2 DIY lace dreamcatcher

Home décor ideas are great and always welcome especially if they help us make something more efficient and look better without costing too much money. All we need is a little time and effort and we can upgrade our home. Follow these 17 fabulous DIY decor ideas to know how redecorate your home.

DIY wall butterflies

Create these pretty butterflies to sit on your wall with coloured paper.

DIY lace dreamcatcher

Gather lace and a few feathers and create your own dream catchers, it will help you sleep better at night.

Pallet coffee table

If you need a coffee table but haven’t quite gotten around to buying it this DIY project is just what you need and all you need is a pallet.

Storage box and chair

This idea is cute and saves up on storage space and gives you a place to sit and read the books near you while not being overcrowding.

Mason jar mini planters

No matter the season it is possible to maintain a little garden somewhere, even if it is hanging from your ceiling. Gather mason jars and show off your green thumb

Scrabble coasters

Get some letters painted over wooden blocks and hide some secret words in your coasters. This idea is great for yourself or as a handmade gift.

Liquor bottle hand wash

Reuse liquor bottles to house important household items, just get a different lid that you can use.

Table mosaic art

Table art is great, it brings together a room and adds colour to an otherwise dull area. This mosaic is fun and colourful. Gather coloured glass and glue it to an old bowl.

Ceramics dipped in gold

If you have ceramics you want to revamp, get some spray paint, tape and time to create this stunning fold dipped ceramics.

DIY wine lamps

These are beautiful, simple wine glass lamps. If you have a small candle, wine glass and some stencil lying around this will be great as the shadows from the stencil will reflect on the wall.

Artsy switch plates

Most people forget to decorate their switch plates but they are one of the most use items in the household. Get creative with yours.

Hexagon shelf made with popsicle sticks

Collect enough popsicle sticks to recreate this fun and geometrical hexagon shelf that can hold something on display

Tie and dye pillow case

Pick a plain pillow case and follow this tutorial on how to dye with ice

Professor X magazine holder

This simple yet elegant magazine holder is a must for every household.

Pebble coaster

Gather a few small coasters and stick them to a circular mat to create a coaster

Stencil DIY curtain

Pick a pattern you love from stencil and spray paint your curtain for a unique print on your curtain.

Unique DIY mirror frame

Glue broken mirror pieces to a picture frame to create a unique frame that will reflect light and the eyes looking at the picture in the frame.

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