17 Creative and Stylish DIY for Christmas lights

4. Flower Christmas Lights

4. Flower Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are most definitely a major part of the winter festive holidays. They are absolutely perfect for decorations, whether it be Christmas trees or just being hanged in a room. I love doing different things with my Christmas lights. I like being creative and let my artsy side show by changing up my Christmas lights a little. Here are some absolutely amazing DIYs for you to try out on your Christmas lights this winter festive season.

Christmas Lights in a Wine Bottle

Wine bottle has a nice and stylish shape. They are a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations. Put a hole at the bottom of the wine bottle and put your Christmas lights in through that hole. This will make it easier for you to connect the code to the socket. You can place these lights anywhere really because they look great on whatever!

Fence wire Christmas lights

You have to be careful when making these lights. You will need to roll up some fence wire into balls. Then, you can then place the Christmas lights on the balls making sure that they are secure and can stay to the wire balls. You can then place these lights along your pathway outside or randomly on your lawn.

Plastic Ball Christmas Lights

To make these lights, you will need to use little plastic balls. The great part about this DIY is that you can use any color for the balls as long as they will let the color of your Christmas lights shine out well. Make holes in the balls and place individual bulbs from the Christmas lights into the balls. You can then hang the lights as you ordinarily do with your Christmas lights

Flower Christmas Lights

I absolutely love this DIY because I get to use something that I usually just throw away with o use for it, egg crates. Cut up the empty egg crates and stick them together to make flowers. You can then paint these flowers. Make sure that the color you paint them with will not overpower the color of your Christmas lights. You can then fit in individual bulbs into the middle of the flowers so to act as the flower’s pistil.

Christmas Lights in Beer Bottles

You if have a lot of beer bottles in your storage room, then this is a great DIY for you to try out. It basically involves placing some Christmas lights into the beer bottle. The best way to use these is by aligning the bottles along a path way or just generally in any pattern you fancy.

Multicolored Christmas Led Lights 

This is quite a stylish idea. you will need to place individual bulbs of your Christmas lights into little plastic balls. You can then stick these balls onto a plain colored piece of cloth. You can choose whether to use multicolored lights of single colored and also the color you want the piece of cloth to be.

Self-made Christmas tree lights

You can use this DIY especially if you have made your own Christmas tree. This basically involves sticking or placing your lights onto this homemade Christmas tree.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree with Lights

I love how you can make just about anything from pallet wood. For this Christmas, you can try to make your own Christmas tree from pallet wood. To decorate it, you can then paint over it with different colors. Then, you can place your single colored Christmas lights onto the tree. This way, when you light tit up, the single color of the Christmas lights will bring the whole tree together.

Spray painted Christmas Lights

The best lights to use for this are the single colored yellow or white lights. And the best paint to spray these lights with will definitely be gold or silver. This way, you can have yourself some nice and classy Christmas lights.

Twinkle Light Christmas Canvas

This involves writing down a few Christmas related words on a canvas. You can write a phrase such as “Merry Christmas to all” on a plain colored canvas. Then, you can decorate the canvas with and words with your Christmas lights. This is definitely, more creative compared to simply hanging the Christmas lights.

Holiday Light Globe Hack

For this, you can use a wire or patterned ball. You can then place your lights on these balls. You can choose on the color you want the lights to be. This DIY does not require any specific light colors. You can then hang these balls anywhere you please.

Glass Jar Christmas Lights

I absolutely love this DIY! it is simple and easy to make, but the results are incredible.  You simply place your Christmas lights into some clear glass jars. That is all there is to it! You can choose to place any color of your Christmas lights into the jars. The jars will look as though they contain multi colored fireflies. I just love this!

Lighted Burlap Garland

To make this garland, you will need to use different strips of cloth. Sew these strips together to make a snake like feature, the garland. On this feature you can then wrap or simply place some Christmas lights onto the garland. You can place these garlands in different places.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

This is an absolutely creative DIY to help you make a pretty white Christmas tree. You will need to paint over a wooden pallet with some white paint. Then, you place your single colored yellow lights onto the pallet, in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then hang on the lights some other Christmas decorations.

Circular Light Shade on Christmas Lights

To make this, you will need a light shade that looks like a ball or a circular glass jar. You can place this shade over a balled up line of Christmas lights. This has a nice classy look to it.

Reindeer Christmas lights

To make this, you will need a long glass clear vase. In the vase, place some cotton wool and some Christmas lights. Add two branches for the reindeer’s antlers. On the antlers, you can also wrap some Christmas lights as well.

Christmas Light Candles

To make these candles, you can use an empty roll of tissues or serviettes. Paint the rolls white. You then put some liquid glue onto the top of the rolls so to resemble the wax and some glue on the sides of the rolls so to resemble some melting wax. You can then place single bulbs on each candle to act as the flame.

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