16 Wonderful DIY Ideas For Your Living Room

15 Wonderful DIY Ideas For Your Living Room 8

15 Wonderful DIY Ideas For Your Living Room 8

Refreshing your living room. Homely, warm and relaxing is a must for your living room. It is a place for hosting your most important quests and guests. It is where you sit back on your comfy sofa after a long-hard-day at work and enjoy your favorite TV show on that big plasma screen. Here are some completely do-able ideas to re-do your favorite den as refreshing as a glass of ice tea on a broiling summer day in the desert.

One such affordable idea is to buy a crafts clock motor and hands: if you have a wall clock you can take it apart and use its parts instead. Then you will need to purchase house numbers that suite your fancy. The key here is to proportion and lay out the numbers in the right order in relation to how the clock hands and motor will be glued onto your wall. Plan and layout twice so that you only have to glue once! Follow the illustrations. If you are good with woodwork and have a few basic tools—the next idea is a breeze. Be sure to measure thrice and cut once. You will need: a saw, 1 and 2 inch nails, a hammer, medium sand paper, and vanish or paint and brush as desired. Using old crates or pallets is a great option to save money and energy sawing: although you will need to take them apart. Form a box or shelf by measuring to the desired size and cutting once. Nail together in the desired shape. Don’t hit your thumb when hammering. If you desire a movable table box you can use screws to attach four rotational wheels to the bottom. You will need half inch screws and a screw driver or power tool for ease.

You could also wax and varnish your floors if they are wooden–in this way creating a matching ambience. Make sure everything is dry before moving in. Sit back and enjoy your own creativity.

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