16 DIY Cute Bedrooms Ideas For Teenagers

16 DIY Cute Bedrooms Ideas For Teenagers 7

16 DIY Cute Bedrooms Ideas For Teenagers 7

We understand that being a teenager can be challenging. One has so much style and is artistic but usually doesn’t have the money to get their taste portrait in their décor. Worry not for we bring you inexpensive ideas to decorate your room for close to nothing!

1.If one has time they could yarn letters using different colored wool. The letters can then hang on a wall or from the ceiling.

2.Create your own dream catcher using wool and hanging on to it some sentimental pieces you have collected or been given over the years.

3.No need to worry about notice board pins lying around being a health hazard to you and your little siblings. Create a thumbtack word art. Write whatever you want, from favorite quote to lyrics.

4.Every girl deserves a princess bed. Create your own by reusing some of those old sheets you have no use for. Hang them at the back corners of your bed and hang together with string lights that dazzle at night and enhance your little castle.

5.Be creative and style up your memories. Print your instagram memories and have them glued on to small square pieces, one could cut and old box to make these square pieces.

6.Your ceiling shouldn’t be boring, after all it’s the first thing you lay your eyes on when you wake up! Get creative with your fan. Use different colored washi tape to come up with a colorful ceiling fan fit for a cool teenager.

7.Use fur like material on your chair to cover it and give it a complete makeover.

8.Yarned Ball chandeliers are the ultimate room brightener when used in an assortment of colors.  Take some time to yarn different colored chandeliers.

9.For the beautiful girls create mini flowers on your pillow cases and couch cushions. These are easy to make and only need glue to stick them together.

10.Each room needs a hanged center piece. To create an inexpensive one look around for a hard flat quare piece of wood and using wool and nails to hold on create different shapes that will be hanged on your wall.

11.Spread the love in your room with cute heart organizing. Use old board and paint of your choice to make a beautiful heart organized portrait.

12.This paint chip idea will help you make a cool colorful calendar to best suit your personality.

13.There’s so much you can do with your mason jars. Check out how you can use them to keep your stationary neat and together.

14.Having a cute little plant in your room does not have to be as boring as granny’s room.  Use an old t-shirt to create a hanging macramé plant.

15.Another way to use mason jars? Dream and wishes jar! Throw in your wishes and dreams in colorful papers so you always have them close to you. Make sure passing at school is one of them.

16.Start collecting old spoons now because they have just become useful. This mirror is so cool and is a must have for all you cool teens.

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