15 Incredible Do It Yourself Pallet Ideas

6. DIY Pallet over the Sink Shelf

6. DIY Pallet over the Sink Shelf

You might have some wooden furniture you want to get rid of. Well here are some great ways to turn them from unwanted to absolutely beautiful decors for your home!

DIY Pallet Sofa

From the unwanted furniture you have, you can make a sofa. All you need to do is make sure that wood is cut up, by the use of a saw, into the size you want. Then with a hammer and nails you can put together the pieces of wood to make an amazing sofa. You can make this sofa better by painting it over with the color of your choice! The sofa can be placed out, onto your porch, for those times you need some fresh air, or even just in a comfy part of your home to enjoy a good book on!

Pallet rake

You can put together the wood to make a simple rack. You can use this rack for hanging towels in the bathroom, or in the kitchen just as well. It shows a form of simplicity and at the same time makes your home modern.

Pallet Trunk

A pallet trunk can give your home a vintage feel. It is not only a good addition to your furniture, but, it allows you to store your belongings in it to reduce clatter in your home. You can make the trunk into a size that is convenient for your use, depending on what you want to use it for. This trunk could be in your garage, where you can keep all the tools, or in your child’s room, to keep toys in. Any place really.

DIY Pallet Plaques

The wonderful part about having pallet plaques is that instead of putting holes in your walls every time, or buying a frame, for all the pictures, all you have to do is use a pallet plaque. You can stick your pictures or any other decorations on the plaque. You can make the plaque into any size of your choice whether you want it big, to stick a lot on it, or small, for fewer things. You can paint the plaque any color you think suits the color of the walls in the room you want it.

DIY Coffee Cup rack

You can use different patterns to put your coffee rack together. With this coffee rack, you make your coffee cups easy to access for those who are in need for a cup of coffee. This is a careful way of keeping your cups safe from breakage. This rack can not only serve its purpose in your home, but also in other places such as office kitchens.

DIY Pallet over the Sink Shelf

An over the sink shelf is a necessity for you. On this shelf, you can place objects such as a pot of flowers or a bowl of dried pines. This not only makes your kitchen vintage, but, you get to have something pretty to look at as you go about your business at the kitchen sink.

DIY Magic Storage Pallet Sofa

With this sofa, you also get to reduce clutter from a room and create space. Not only do you get to sit comfortably on the sofa, but you also get to store anything you please in the storage compartment underneath.

DIY Pallet Coat Hanger

If you are a forgetful person like me, then this coat rack is perfect for you! Not only do you get to hang your coat as you get into your home, you also get to store some valuable yet forgettable little things such as car keys or home keys. This is a perfect idea because as you take your coat to leave your home, you ca easily collect your belongings from the shelves about the rack.

DIY Pallet Desk

You can make this Pallet Desk by putting together some pieces of wood, leaving out spaces for shelves and making the top wider to allow for placing objects such a computer. This DIY is convenient if you want a place to do your work. You can be working on your computer and be able to easily reach out for a book, or a document.

DIY Pallet Peg Board

This Pallet Peg Board is quite easy to make. All you need to do is get a piece of wood, with the length of your choice and drill in some nails for hooks. Not only is this board easy to make, but it can fit into any room of your choice. You can hang dish towels in the kitchen, bath towels in the bathroom, or even a basket of dried flowers in your hallway or living room.

DIY Pallet Signs

You can stencil or paint signs on pallet for different uses. Whether it is to show people the right parking area, or the name of a shop. This is a cheap and easy way to make signs.

DIY Spoon and Pallet Hook Rack

This hook rack is simple and creative. It is simply made by drilling spoons into a pallet to form hooks. This can be a way to impress people as the hang their coat!

DIY Pallet Tree Shelf

The reason why it is called a Tree shelf is because of its branching out shelves, resembling the branches from a tree. This gives a room, a natural feel. It is an artistic way to order the shelves, hence giving the room a unique feel.

DIY Pallet Wine Rack

This is quite a great wine rack where not only you keep your wine, but also the glasses. It is convenient especially if you have guests over.

DIY Pallet Wall Rack

This wall rack is very convenient because it also has a storage pocket. You can use it for different things such as garage, where you can hang your work clothes and store your gloves and goggles on the shelf.

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