15 Ideas to Give Your Home a Vintage Look

6. Brick Fire Place

6. Brick Fire Place

Vintage is the style going around these days, so why not join in and turn your home decor into vintage pieces of art? The great thing about vintage is that it never gets old, if anything, the older it gets, the more vintage it looks. Some colors can help create this fantastic vintage look. For your home décor, you can use colors such as cream, dirty white, and brown. These colors will never fail you when it comes to that vintage classy look. Here are 15 incredible vintage ideas for you to try out.

White Furniture Like I mentioned, there are certain colors that help bring out that vintage look. And in this case, white is a great color to use. White is not only going to help create the vintage look, but it will bring class into your home as well. To make the white pop, you can add a color a little duller than white for the walls.

Cream and Brown Kitchen Yes! Your kitchen can also be decorated to so that it looks vintage as well. For your kitchen, you can use the color cream for every [art of your kitchen. You can use it for your drawers, cabinets and for your sink as well. But, the trick to make the vintage look more visible, you can add in some brown. Cream and brown complement each other incredibly. So, you can use wooden brown handles for the drawer handles and cabinet handles, and also as the surface of the counters in the kitchen.

Fading White Shelves There is something about fading colors that makes things look quite stylish. Whether its faded jeans or even furniture in your home painted so to look as though the color is fading. So, you can have your Shelves painted in this way. And to complete this look, you can place on the shelves some vintage decorations. The fading white background of the shelves will absolutely make everything look quite vintage.

Mirror Just as simple as that! You can simply add a mirror to a room that has those vintage colors. For the mirror, you can use frame that has designs and that has the vintage colors. This will look perfect for that vintage feel. If you choose a dark colored frame, you can use it against a bright colored wall. Both the mirror and the frame will look outstanding.

Vintage Drawer Set You can use a vintage set of drawers to make your home a lot more vintage. If buying a new drawer set is completely out of the question, you can simply add some vintage features to the drawer set that you already have. You can add vintage handles and re paint the drawers with any of the colors that bring out the vintage. On top of the set of drawers you can place some other decorations that will help with the look you want

Brick Fire Place Fire places go way back to the early centuries of life. This is one of the best ways to turn your living room into a vintage piece of art. You can leave the bricks in their natural color so that the fire place really looks like the ones from early years of mankind. The fire place will definitely make a room look classy and vintage. You can have the fire place built so that it looks exactly like the ones from long ago.

Brown and Bright colors The dark brown color when combined with lighter colors pops out and looks great. If you decorate a room with the vintage colors such as white, cream and even a lighter shade of brown, you can add in a dark shade of brown and believe you me the vintage look will definitely show.

Faint Grey You may feel like grey is such a dull and boring color, but, a faint version of the usual grey makes a big difference. The faint grey will definitely make a room look anything but dull. And to add on to the faint grey, you can use some light brown furniture and some cream so that there is a bit of variety in the room.

Wood and Cream You can always rely on wood to make a room look vintage. The key is to use the wood in the correct way and the room will definitely look vintage. The best way to use wood is when most of the things in the room are made out of wood. You can choose wood of any color, just as long as the brownness of the wood is present. For this, you can add cream colored decorations.

Vintage Décor This would probably be the quickest way of turning your home into a vintage work of art. You can use vintage objects. You can use vintage looking lamps, plant pots, handles for drawers or cabinets. These small things will make a difference and will make the room look vintage.

Old Doors Sometime, you might have some old wooden furniture in your home and want to throw the old furniture away. But, instead of throwing the furniture away, you can dismantle it and then assemble it as a door. The old looking furniture will be turned into new! The best part about this idea is that the door will not have to be painted. The old look it has will make the door look vintage.

Vintage Shelf On this shelf, you can place any of your vintage collections. This shelf will only hold your vintage decorations, whether it’s a clock, vase or frame. The more the vintage objects, better.

Simple Table For this idea, you can use a simple and ordinary table. On the table, you can place just one or two vintage objects. The simplicity of the table will make the vintage items pop and be easily noticeable.

Dark Wood Dark colored wood is best used against a bright colored wall. The dark shade of the wood will definitely make the room look vintage, even if you plan not to put any vintage decoration on the furniture with dark colored wood.

Utensils For your kitchen, you can use vintage utensils. The vintage utensils do not even need to be used. You can place them where they can easy be seen. The can be part of the decoration in your kitchen.

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