15 Easy to do Recycle DIYs

9. Creative book shelves

9. Creative book shelves

There is so much plastic, glass and other indecomposable material being produces these days. This means we need to do as much as we can to reuse and recycling so that we can contribute to the saving Earth. With the following easy to do and incredible DIYs, you will be able to reuse some of the indecomposable material as unique decor in your house. These DIYs will allow you to recycle right in your home at an affordable prize. You can decide to reuse objects such as tins and containers. With these, you can decorate your home with different recycled objects. The following ideas are creative and easy to do.

Jar Frame

Instead of throwing out those used glass jars, you can easily clean them up and turn them into creative picture frames. This DIY is easy and cheap to do. It will make your home look unique!

Peg Pot

This plant pot is also quite easy to do. You can use the empty food cans and wooden pegs. Cut the can so that when you clip the pegs, it will be fully covered. Simply as that!

Dried Peel Flowers

For this DIY, you will need to use fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, or similar fruits. This is because the peels of these fruits dry easily. You should roll the peels and leave them to dry. That is all there is to it! You can place these Peel Flowers in a see through bowl or jar.

Puzzle Piece Table

This DIY is quite creative! Instead of throwing away your old table, you can have it shaped to resemble a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. You can use the table to place your other home decors, or still use it as a proper table.

Peg Lamp Shade

This is another creative wooden peg DIY. You need to clip the wooden pegs together to form a lamp shade big enough to cover the light bulb. This lamp shade creates a beautiful pattern when the light bulb is switched on.

No Frame

All you need to do with this DIY is to stick pictures directly to your wall into any pattern you please! This allows you to create any pattern because you won’t be restricted to the shape of a picture frame. This also helps you by not needing to spend on picture frames.

Stair Storage

We sometimes run out of storage space in the house. Well this DIY helps with storage space. You get to use the underneath of the stairs to keep things. You can build or install drawers that fit that part of the stairs. This is very creative and quite unique!

Creative Drawers

This DIY is fun and creative, making it very good to use for children. It involves making drawers in the shape of whatever is kept in the drawer. You can make these drawers for things like clothes, toys, school material and many other things.

Creative Book Shelves

Instead of buying a big and bulky bookshelf or cabinet, all you will need is just pieces of wood to drill in or nail to your wall in any pattern you need. This idea will be cheaper for you. On top of that, it will help create space on your floor and at the same time make your wall look  artistic and creative .

Sock Vase

Sometimes you see  socks with such pretty patterns on them. Here is a way of including those patterns to your décor. You will need to use a container of any shape, then put the container into the sock making sure that the container fits well. Cut off the extra sock if you have to. For this, you can recycle some containers that you already have. You can use empty milk bottles, empty lotion container or any others.

Tire Tables

For this DIY, you will need straw, bamboo string or any material that looks like straw. Instead of throwing away that old used rubber car tire, you can make a table out of it. All you will do is glue the material to the tire. You can glue the material in patterns so to make your table even more interesting!

DIY Jars on a Shelf

This DIY is also easy to make. You will need to glue or nail the lids of the jars you will use, to a piece of wood, which you will attach to the wall. Make sure that the piece of wood is firmly attached to the wall and the lids are well glued to the piece of wood, so to avoid falling. You can also use the same piece of wood as a shelf!

Straw Plant Pot

For this, you will need a used tin of any size, and straw mats. You will need to glue the straw mats to fully cover the tin so that it become invisible. This DIY is that easy to do! It will not cost you a lot to make because you will be using a tin that you already have and have already used.

Log Table

This may be the simplest way of making a table! All you need to do is tie some logs of the same height together and place the surface of the table on the top. This will bring a nature look into your house!

Puzzle Tray

Instead of having a plain shaped tray, you can have it shaped into a puzzle piece. This is quite interesting and creative!

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