15 DIY Tricks for Home Decor

10.DIY Box Shelves

10.DIY Box Shelves

Discover some simple tricks which will help you have a beautiful home yet, inexpensive. These things are around you, some you dispose them without knowing they could turn into something more beautiful. Others are in your store room thinking they are useless or maybe someday, you’ll find something to do with them. Well, here is the day. I have collected enough ideas and I’m sure one of these ideas would suit you. Come on, let’s do this.

DIY Fruit Tray.

This is a normal wooden frame you know, just pair it with other one preferably a smaller size. Join them with a wooden rod and ta-da, you have a fruit tray for yourself.

DIY Mason Organizing Jars

These jars are an attractive way to organize your things like Q- tips, cotton balls and bath salts. They are simple and affordable to make. It is perfect for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Missing Socks Sign

Losing socks all the time? That must be frustrating. I have the same problem. I‘d buy new pairs and just in a month you’ll find me in socks switching game because half of it is misplaced. Then I saw this DIY project on YouTube. I gave it a try, surprisingly it worked. Collect the socks missing their pairs; hang them somewhere easy to see. It will play in your head till you find the missing socks. Try it too and say goodbye to socks switching.

Tilt-Out Trash Can Wooden Cabinet

Trash cans are necessary though they may not be a beautiful sight in a kitchen, but they are necessary piece here. You can change that in hope of a better looking one. This tilt-out can wooden cabinet can be made at home. You can make it prettier by adding little detail like vintage feel or pattern. It is a beautiful hiding cabinet. Place your trash can in and no one will notice where you keep your trash once entering your kitchen. Keep it smart like that.

DIY Ladder Shelves

We normally use ladders for climbing to reach something above our hand reach. Here is a different purposed ladder; a ladder like shelf. It is just the matter of assembling your well measure woods which you can paint too if you want and create your own style of shelf. Dump your books, candles, photo frames, flower vase and any other thing that can be on a shelf.

DIY Tin Can Organizer

I love tins, especially for the kitchen because they match with silverware’s material. So this is idea came to me and kept it into action, I love the results. Collect the tins you have around. Luckily, I got all of the same size but being of different size shouldn’t be a problem. I think it would look even more stylish. Paint them with the color you prefer and label them.  Also have a small piece of wood enough to nail in your tins, paint it too and let them all dry. Then you can start nailing and screwing in the tins around the wood. Organize your silverware, serve the meal and enjoy.

DIY Image Transfer

This is one of the awesome projects from DIY; decorate your furniture by graphics via an easy transferring method. You begin with chalk painting your furniture as the first coat. I used the paint by Annie Sloan which was in Louis Blue color. Then tone down the blue by dry brushing with pure white. After that, then graphics can follow. Apply your printed graphics with Artisan enhancements transfer gel or anything similar. Let the image dry in overnight then remove the white paper by lightly scrubbing off the paper with sponge and graphics will be revealed. The results speak for themselves.

DIY Door Upgrade

Do you want to do something special with the doors of your house? This could be an option for you. Using the medallions ceilings, spray primer and Gorilla Glue; change the look of your doors. Find tutorials on dimplesandtangles.com

DIY Rustic Pallet Wall Shelf

There are so many things a pallet could do, this is among them. It brings the vintage atmosphere yet magnificent. Let your wall be busy and attractive to look at.

DIY Box Shelves

I love boxed décor. Two years ago, I had wall box stickers online for my son’s bedroom. Hey stayed on his wall for while until I realized, I could actually make real boxes which would turn into wall shelves. I did my first trial with plastic containers for my son’s room where he could his toys and books. Then kitchen shelves idea knocked in. I used woods instead and this is how it turned out. I adore it.

DIY Rope Sign

Is rustic décor your style? Check this one out. This project is really beautiful and simple. No fancy tools needed. Get number of wooden strips, joined together in your desired size, sketch your word on paper first using pen or pencil, then freehand with chalk on the wood. Put the hot glue following the chalk line then quickly attach the rope to glue it on the wood. There you go, you already have your new cool rope sign on your wall or headboard of your bed. What I love about this project is you get to personalize your décor with words you want and your own handwriting.

DIY Seashell Mason jar

Seems like Mason jar can do bunch of things. It is multipurpose. Here is a beautiful piece you might want to try. Glue the seashells on the inner jar surface. Let them dry. Tie a rope at the top for giving it a special touch. Done!

DIY Mason jar Herb Garden

Another amazing idea could be done by Mason jar for greenery person. You can also wrap it with a rope for a different look. Now, you are ready for your hanging indoor garden by Mason jar.

DIY Weathered Wood Look

No wood is useless. As old as it is, it is perfect for this project and give you a weathered look piece art. You only need Minwax Dark Walnut Stain, Lint free cloth or brush, White Acrylic Paint, Steel wool and Gloves. Check the tutorial in cherishdliss.com.

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