15 DIY Rustic Decoration to Help Upgrade Your Home

2.Rusty Armchair

2.Rusty Armchair

Rusty Kitchen;On your coffee empire, you decorate it with rusty iron furniture. I like this cups arrangement, it is low to your hands’ level where you can pick them easily. On top there is a photo in a wooden frame with some rusty wired decorations. Automatically the place appears beautiful.



Rusty armchair

This may look too old but it has a unique atmosphere. It would always take you back to 1980’s where our grandparents would love to sit outside and enjoy the Vitamin D from the sun, singing or sewing a fabric. The hanging vases together with plants and the cupboard beside the chair make it perfect.

Candle Log

This is my favorite. Very easy to make yet majestic. If you love dim lights in your house, this would suit you. Just take a piece of a log, any from the streets or wood. Put little holes of a little candle size. These candles are available in IKEA or any other shop. Place them in, light them up and see the magic it brings. Once I tried this at my house, everyone loved it.

Rusty boxes

Take your wooden boxes; grease them enough to look rusty. Then designingly make a shelf out of them. Place your books, decors, pillows, photo frames or anything of your preference. You can place it on a straight wall or a corner and hang something on top of it, on the wall with an art or quote, it just looks amazing.

Rusty Grocery Gate

Where you place your groceries, you can make a little rusty artificial gate to cover the place. Grease the wooden gates or doors, whichever sounds appropriate. At the end you have your sliding door grill welcome to the rusty grocery store in your house.

Rusty Coach

If you love beaches, this will do. Get any old or broken boat you can find or you may make the whole boat-like frame using old woods and nails of course. Leave a space between the ends and place your pillows by the side, a coach on the base. Hang it from the roof with strong ropes because you don’t wanna fall down while sleeping on it or reading your book.

Woods and Cushions

Taking your wooden crates and fix the old cushions hanging around your house seeming useless, here they can serve an extra seat purpose and cover the top with a good piece of cloth or even a burlap as on the photo. There you go, a seat is ready and you do not have to be worried when you get number of visitors than your living room’s capacity to accommodate all. This can save a day.

Staircase Frame Art

It is now time for those old frames to escape the store. Be creative. You do not need to paint anything, just polish the dust off and hang them on the wall in a well manner.

Rustic Mirror Shelf.

Rustic mirror flame with a little shelf for the bathroom things you use daily. Add a little flower and air freshener to maintain a good smell.

Rustic Table

A table with an additional space for your pet.

Rustic Bathroom Sinks

A can placed as a sink in your bathroom can be more artistic and fashionable. This is an example of a typical rustic bathroom décor.

Fruit Shelf

Fruits can be well organized in the wooden shelf rusty painted.

Rustic Door Handle

It is more of a wall décor. Collect the door handles, as old as may be and attach them to the wood which you will hang on the wall and create your own unique décor that will make a statement.

Rustic Coffee Table

This is a simple idea for coffee lovers or just a table for your living room. You may not have to buy anything. Just shape a log into a the table stands and use glass from any broken door or window for the table top part. Enjoy your coffee on your own handmade coffee table.

Rustic Hanging Table

The idea is to have rustic table. Hanging added more value and complexion that’s unexplainably wonderful. Use thick ropes to assure it is secured from falling. You may use this place as your reading nook or working area.

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