15 DIY Outdoor Decorations for Valentine’s Day

10. Lanterns and Crates

10. Lanterns and Crates

When it comes to putting up some decorations for valentine’s day, I am absolutely up for it! I enjoy changing the way a place looks with some interesting decorations. With all the colors and material, I feel right at home! This Valentine’s day, you could try out some of these amazing decorations for the outside. Let everyone know just how much you enjoy and love Valentine’s Day by putting up some of these decorations. They are absolutely creative and fun to make. With these decorations, you will be allowing others to see your incredible work of art!

Decorations for Valentine’s Day – Simple Lettering

As part of your decorations, you can use some boards with short words and lettering on them. You can make boards with words that are related to Valentine’s Day such as LOVE, HUGS and even XOXO. Make sure to use the Valentine’s Day colors such as red, pink and white. You could also cut up the boards to make shapes such as hearts to complete the look.

Lightened Hearts

You can make some heart shapes and stick them to windows and walls from some some lights. The best lights to use are those that have the Valentine’s Day colors. Make sure that these lightened hearts are placed somewhere where the lights can easily be plugged in. These are quite easy to make!

Sweethearts Cutouts

These hearts are cuts out to resemble the Sweethearts candies. You can make them by cutting out heart shapes from some different colored manila papers. Then, you can use markers to write down the little messages on the cutout candies. You can then attach some string to the hearts and tie them in a tree or anywhere where they will be hanging.

Valentine’s day Wreath

To make this wreath, you will need to tie together some pieces of cloth cut outs. The cloth pieces must be in the Valentine’s Day colors, so to get in spirit. You can then simply hang the wreath on to you door. You can add other different decorations around your verandah.

Heart Shaped Wreaths

For these hearts, you can make them by using some red or white garland. To reuse and be environmentally friendly, you can use some garlands that you used for your Christmas decorations. These hearts can be placed anywhere outside as part of your decorations. If you are to place these hearts on your verandah, you can stick some lights around then just as well.

Paper Hearts

These are not your ordinary paper hearts. Instead of cutting out a paper in the form of a heart and simply hang that, you can cut out ore detail to your paper hearts. You can get creative with the patterns that you will cut out from the paper heats. You can decide to make little wreaths with some of your cut out hearts. These are quite easy to make and yet give amazing end results.

Heart Messages

For these, you will basically be putting some words onto your decorating hearts. The words could be separate or, could make up a little sweet message for those who will see the decorations. You can place these hearts in plant pots, or attach them to planks and place them out in the lawn.

Chalky Hearts

Chalk is great to use for decorations. The awesome advantage of using chalk is that you can easily use water to wash and clean it off. For this decoration, you will be drawing hearts anywhere you please. You can draw them on the pathway that leads to your door, so that everyone can see it as they walk towards your door.

Ladder Lettering

For this, you can cut out some letters to make words from some boards. You can paint the letters in a simple color. You then place a short ladder outside where people can see it. On the ladder, place the letters so that they form the intended word. You can then place some pink or red flowers on the ladder just to add some extra detail.

Lanterns and Crates

These lanterns do not have to fly away. Instead, you can use some lamp coves that look like lanterns. Make sure that the lanterns are any of the Valentine’s Day colors. You can also tie some ribbons on the lanterns. You can then place these lanterns on some wooden crates. Make sure that you make the crates as Valentine’s Day friendly as you possibly can. You can paint on them some hearts with all the Valentine’s Day colors.

Ribbons and Letters

These are a great and simple way to decorate the outside for Valentine’s Day. Use the ribbons to make big bows and then you can hang these on the outside of a door. To add more to this simple decoration, you are to hang some large letters that make up a word just below the ribbon bow on the door. The letters and the bow do not have to be the same color.

Nature’s Help

For this, not much will be needed. You can simply place some plain colored letters against a shrub. The reason for placing them against a shrub, is so that the color of the shrub will make the letters outstanding. The plain color of the letters will be over shadowed by the color of the shrubs. You can then place some flowers on the corners of the letters.

Little Paper Hearts

For this, you do not need to make the paper hearts from the same colors. Instead, use as many different colors as you like. You can then stick these hearts onto the walk way that leads to your door. You can also choose to use heavier material for the hearts so that you can place them in a random patter onto the lawn. The reason for using the heavier material is so that they won’t get blown away.

Window Sweetheart Candies

This is another way you can use the Sweetheart candy form to make decorations. This time, you will be sticking the hearts to a clear window. The best way to use this decoration is to stick the hearts to the inside of the window, but, making the message faces the outside. This way, the hearts will not get affected by weather.

Floating Hearts

I love this decoration idea! you need to cut out some hearts from valentine’s day colored manila paper. Then, attach a number of the hearts to a string. You can then hang these hearts in a tree. This will look absolutely beautiful!


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