15 DIY Ideas For Enhancing You Home Decor

15 DIY Ideas For Enhancing You Home Decor 15

15 DIY Ideas For Enhancing You Home Decor 15

In today’s world there is only so much you can get from stores and the pieces always seem impersonal unless you have crazy money to invest in custom made pieces. We understand that getting those custom made finishing touch pieces for your home is incredibly expensive hence why we have put up a list of ideas of how you can doll up your home.

1.This takes sophistication and elegance to a whole new level. Having a feather pendant in your home is brilliant and can be done in any color of your choice depending on the color of your wall.

2.Here is how you can make interesting shelves for your home. It’s advisable to have them in white as it emphasizes simplicity but still maintaining the stylishness.

3.Forget about your ordinary vase, do something extra ordinary with it that can have you fiends marveling when they visit. Here is how you can create a metallic vase.

4.This is simple and easy to make, not forgetting inexpensive.

5.If you are about creating that rustic look in your home then you may consider having these coasters for your wooden dinner table or coffee tables.

6.How amazing would these be on your black or silver refrigerator? It brings an elegant feel to your kitchen.

7.One can have these lanterns in different colors which makes the house look very modern and gives it a spring fresh look.

8.These can be made by reusing old shelves and photo frames. Not only are you saving money but you are reusing old materials to conserve the environment.

9.On your next vacation collect seashells for they will be necessary for your home décor when you make these seashell candles.

10.Look at what you can achieve with just plastic spoons. You can also decide to have it sprayed with metallic gold or silver to give it that elegant look.

11.Simplicity here is key. Something so small can have a great effect on your décor and the outlook for your home. Try it.

12.We know chandeliers are pricey so we are here to show you an easy and inexpensive way to have your house shinning with a beautiful chandelier.

13.Change the game in summer with these rope covered ottomans made from car tires. Yet another way of being able to save the environment from the constant burning of unused materials and you get to have a great outdoor look for the summer.

14.Art work is pricey, here is how you can make your own and have it personalized the way you want to.

15.Abstract art is the latest form of decorating however it can be quiet expensive too. Here is how you can make your own statues to achieve the making abstract art feel.

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