15 DIY Artistic Lamp Ideas

8. DIY Corner Light

8. DIY Corner Light

Lamps can be boring and plain at times. I am here to introduce you to 15 ways to ways to turn your lamps from blant to Glam!

DIY Glass Bottle Lamp

If you love to recycle, like I do, then this idea is one you showld try! Instead of just throwing away that glass botlle after you are done with it, how about you use it as a light bulb holder for your lamp. Make sure that the glass bottle is clean, so to not hinder light from being eitted.

DIY Wooden Lamp Holder

Who says the lamp holde has t be underneath the lightbild? This idea uses a wooded holder to hold the lightbuilb form above. This creates a closeness to nature in home home because of how the wooden holder charactorises a tree.

DIY Glitter Shade

You can coat the inside of your lamp shade with glitter. The brighter and shiner the glitter, the brighter the ight becomes. This is a classy way to decorate the lampshade because the glitter absolutely beausifys the ligt shade.

DIY Burlap Ruffle Lamp

Ruffles never go out ouf stlye. You can ruffle up your lamp shade by usiring a colored cloth of your liking, preferably light in weight. Cut it into strips, then make a repeaed folding pattern to form the ruffles. Lastly, col=ver the shade with the ruffles. This is a creative way to made a lamp shade.

DIY Lamp Shade

This lamp shade is perfect for outdoors, for example your verander. The light shade is made from an ordinary grater from your kitche! Drill the grater to a plank of wood and decorate it with leves or flowers. This gives it natural look.

DIY Quadripod Lamp

This is as stable as a lamp stand can be! Your lamp will fully be supported thus reducing the chances of faling. The wooden stand oes with any backgroung really.

DIY Lamp Stand

This is a perfect reading lamp stand. A person can sit directly under the tamd and get perfect lighting. This is the benefit of a hanging lamp.

DIY Corner Light

This is a perfect way of creating space. Corner lamp help create more space on the floor. This is also good because it is out of reach, thus reducing the chances of the lamp getting broken. This also shows the simplicity of the a room.

DIY Ceiling Lamp

This is a creative and fun lamp. Instead of a plain hanging lamp, you can create interesting stamps with any shape you like.

DIY Hanging Lamp

This is a simple, yet elegant hanging lamp. It is not over the top and its color is calm and relaxing. This hanging lamp is great because the shape is simple, but manages to make a room look amazing!

DIY Nature Lamp

This lamp is a great way of bringing nature into your home. The branch stand is best used when the color of your wall is brown, cream, grean or any other color that relates to nature. This will help bring out the nature look and feel in the room.

DIY Pattern Shde

Life gets better when you can use anything to decorate your home. This lamp shade is made from a pot. All you have to is drill holes in the pot. You can choose any patern you want on the pot. The end result is patterns being created from the holes, when yoswtvh on the lightbulb. This is quite creative.

DIY Bottle Shade

Again, If you are all about recycling, this is also a great idea for you! Make sure that the bottle is clean and clear. This is quite creative. It shows that you are green and nature friendly.

DIY Hanging Shade

This is an artist lamp! The hand holding the bul idea is fun and creative! Ths will impress everyone who gets to see this!

DIY Skateboard Lamp

This is also a fun DIY. This lamp can be made by the things you like. For example, you can make the lamp from objects such as helmets, cups or any material of your choice!

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