15 Creative Storage DIY Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

3. Tissue Shelf

3. Tissue Shelf

I personally love it when my bathroom is squeaky clean and looking absolutely tidy. If you are like me, then you are bound to have fun with these ideas, which will help you keep your bathroom in its right order. With these 15 ideas, you get to see that even the smallest detail can create quite a large effect on the way your bathroom will look. Get creative with your storage and at the same time achieve your tidy and clean bathroom goal!

Small Chest of Drawers

With this chest of drawers, you will get to create space in your bathroom because the chest is quite small and compactable. You can place the chest of drawers next to the toilet and store your toilet products such as extra tissue paper, or even some air freshener. Keeping these products in the drawers guarantees that they are not placed randomly and in an untidy manner. You can choose to have the inside of the drawers divided anyhow you please.

Bathtub Table

This idea is very easy to do. All you need is a plank of wood wide enough to hold things. You can attach to the plank stoppers so to avoid the falling and instability of the table. This idea is all so perfect for those days when you need a nice relaxing bath in your tub. You can place on the table a cool glass of wine so to help with that extra relaxation!

Tissue Shelf

You can afford to be creative with the shelves in your bathroom because the end result is absolutely impressive. This shelf is shaped in a way that you can place tissue rolls without them rolling off. You can choose to get extra creative by piling more tissue paper rolls on top of one another to create some form of a pyramid.

Open Cabinet

This tall and narrow cabinet also helps create space in a small bathroom. Because the cabinet shelves are open, you can place on them the products or objects that you others to openly use. You can keep on it things like air freshener, sponges or even a clear jar full of pebbles or dried leaves for decoration. On the lower shelves, you can put storage baskets or containers for things such as towels.

DIY Hand wash Jar

For this idea, you can use a see-through glass jar. The jar can be of light see through colors such as yellow, green or blue. On the jar lid, you make a hole big enough for the plastic straw for the hand wash lid to fit in well. Then you glue together the jar with the hand wash lid. The great part about this idea is that you can easily re-use the hand wash jar over and over again.

Storage Table

This table is made in the exact way as the Bathtub Table, but you can choose to use it for a different purpose. With this table, you can use as a place to put things such as the oils or special soap you are using, or even place your towel. You can place this table at the opposite end of the bathtub from you.

Thread Baskets

For this idea, you get to make your own baskets. You need the wind the straw thread around a container of some sort. You can choose different shaped containers for this, so to create uniqueness to your bathroom. You can keep things such as towels, sponges or bath oils and soaps in these baskets. You can also choose to simple use the baskets for decoration in the bathroom and place in them pebbles or dried flowers.

Ladder Hook

This is also a simple idea for you. Al you need is a ladder! On the ladder, you can hang towels. You can determine how many stairs you want on the ladder. The more the steps, the more the towels you cang hang. Make sure that the ladder is painted in an attractive color as well.

Compartment Drawers

These drawers are not your ordinary drawers. These have smaller compartments inside each drawer so to be able to keep more in a tidy and orderly manner. With these drawers, you are guaranteed to not have any of your belongings tangled up, and also ensure that finding of things in the drawers is easier.

Hanging Cabinet

This cabinet is attached to the wall. This means that this idea helps create space on the floor of your bathroom. Depending on where the cabinet is placed, you can store different things on it. If the cabinet is hanging near the toilet, you can place on it tissue paper and other toilet products, and if it is hanging near the bathtub, shower or sink, you can place on it towels and soaps.

Painted Glass Jars

The paint you choose for these glass jars has got to match well with the other colors in your bathroom. If your bathroom colors are bright, you can use dull colors for the jars so to create a beautiful contrast with the colors. You can use the jars for keeping toothbrushes, hair brushes and many other small things in the bathroom.

Toothbrush Holder Hooks

One of the few things that bother me about a bathroom is where toothbrushes are kept. I really do not like it when my tooth brush touches other toothbrushes in the holder. If you agree with me on this, then you should love this idea. Each toothbrush had its own holder. You can attack the holders to the door of the medicine cabinet above the sink. Labelling the holders will create easy identification of the toothbrushes.

Mini Bucket Shelves

For those smaller objects in your bathroom such as make up brushes, shaving sticks, hair brushes and many more, these shelves are perfect. You will find it easier for you to find those small objects easily because they will be in these tidy bucket shelves.

Wooden Crate Cabinet

If you have wooden crates and do not know what to do with them, well, this idea is definitely for you. You can paint a number of crates and then pile them up and organize them so to form a cabinet. This idea is not only creative, but it also unique because it’s not everyone who has wooden crate cabinets.

DIY Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

This cabinet door takes creativity to a whole new level. In the cabinet, you can place objects such as tissues and towels on one side, and make sure that the sliding door is always closed that side. And, at the open side of the cabinet, you can place some decoration such as scented candle.

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