14 Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Decor

11.DIY Spindle Snowmen

11.DIY Spindle Snowmen

Ding Dong Ding Dong, this is the song because Christmas is here. Finally, winter has kicked in and you all know what this means. It is the time of the year with the best holiday ever, say hello to Christmas. That special day that gives an excuse for whole clan to meet at grandpa’s house, cook together, eat good food; share the laughter and of course, Santa’s amazing gifts. Each Christmas is special and vibrant, depends on how creative you can be and have the right company. Well, décor can be a real headache for most of us. Thinking of how time consuming they can be, how closetful they can be and yet too basic. I totally understand the struggle. But I am here to tell you that you don’t have to be victimized this much in this Christmas, I got your back. Instead, you will victimize the décor. Your pockets will be okay and so is your time and energy. How is that possible? Answer is DIY, Do it yourself! Here is the list of Christmas décor ideas, steal some for yourself. It’s allowed.

DIY Snowman Candle

What other ways of lighting up a room without this cool snowman? It has magic to cheer everyone across the room. It is simply made from the little fish bowl, which is spray painted in a frost paint to match the winter theme and give the perfect glow when the candles are lightened up. The face is a product of black glass paint and polymer clay for nose. The hat is crafted from the wire mesh which can be found in most stores.

DIY Corner Pallet Tree

Corners are among easy places to transform. A little area with great effect! Here is just an art of pallet following the Christmas tree shape and it is amazing. It is a beautiful way to connect the living room and other rooms of the house and keep them burning in the same theme.

DIY Snowmen Shutter

Do you have old window? Great, then let’s do this. You only have to paint them into white then decide the color for their hats. The hats will obviously be the top section which you will divide it a piece of cardboard or box cut into a shape to mark as a border between the hat and the face. Match the hat color with the scarf color. Add buttons and a wood (nose) for the total effect.

DIY Painted Logs

Get yourself two thick logs and paint them white since it is white Christmas and add little snowman details as on the photo or you can exercise your creativity and still bring out two adorable snowmen to stand at the corner.

DIY Outdoor Snowmen

You do not need fancy materials for outdoor décor and old tires are what you may need to prove that. They match the environment and satisfy the need for a Christmas décor.

DIY Wooden Santa

There is no Christmas without Santa Claus. Kids go crazy about it and this will do them justice without having to buy huge dolls for decorations. Bring Santa Claus close to them in the form of nature and I promise you they will love them plus it is a bonus to spend more time with your kids.

DIY Staircase Penguins

To be honest, penguins are one of my favorite. I have a huge paint of them in my living room and they cheer up my mood each time I cross my eyes on them. For the love of penguins, I will totally think of these sliding penguins staircase décor.

DIY Indoor Snowman

Snowman is normally built in the street where the snow is because obviously, it will melt if brought inside. That’s why we can have another version of snowman and still enjoy it indoors. This is a wooden snowman made from logs. It still captures the nature feel.

DIY Kitchen for Christmas

Kitchen doesn’t need a lot of work; it is a loaded machine on its own so a little. So this is why you can modify the look using the red polka dotted ribbon on cupboards and hot glue to stick glittery red bows on top.

DIY Snowman Dinner Setting

You can surprise your family with a snowman dinner table setting. It captures the Christmas vibe and accompanies the family talk in great way.

DIY Spindle Snowmen

Are you looking for a décor to spice up your hallway? Well, this could be what you are looking for. They are quit entertaining, right? These are just spindles; you can work them out too in your home and click the Christmas button.

DIY Tire Ornaments

These are some old tires which I am sure you will two or three in your garage. Then you need paints and a little painting skill. A dear, Christmas and snowflakes won’t hurt.

DIY Christmas Sign

This is achieved by using an old fence piece and scrapping wood to make this adorable outdoor holiday décor along the drive way or entrance.

DIY Fishbowl Snowman

Have you realized that snowman can be anything taking its form regardless you live in a hot or cold country; you can build a snowman without snow. This décor is only an arrangement of fishbowls on top of each other, filled in with goodies. One thing is missing though, a snowman scarf.

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