12 Wonderful DIYs for Classy Wooden Shelves

12. Classy Shelves

12. Classy Shelves

About everyone has a shelf in their home. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, bedroom, or any other room in your home. The chances that you have shelves in your home are quite high. So, since you are likely to have shelves, why not try something a little different for those shelves? Here are 12 incredible ideas for those shelves in your home. Your shelves do not have to be boring and ordinary, have some fun with them and create absolutely amazing wooden shelves which are unique and very classy.

Hanging Shelf This shelf is the definition of unique and classy. It is not every day you see a hanging shelf. For this DIY, you can choose to use a piece of wood that is of any shape. You have to make sure that the wooden surface is firmly attached to the ropes that you will need and use to hand to a hook on the ceiling. Just as well, the objects you place on the shelf should not be too heavy for the shelf itself. You can decide to hang the shelf near a window, and on it, place some plants and flowers. Just to bring some nature into your home.

Shelves on a Wooden Pallet For this, you can attach shelves to a wooden pallet. You can choose the size of both the shelves and the wooden pallet. You can have the shelves in the mahogany color, then paint the wooden pallet in any colors that go together well with the mahogany. You can choose to use calming colors such as blue or green, or any other colors of your choice. This DIY is also unique and classy.

Shaped Shelves I have always wanted to have different shaped shelves. Just so to be unique and have a different look in my home. If you are like me, then this DIY would be perfect for you. You can easily assemble your shelves into any shapes or patterns that you like. Make your shelves your own piece of art. Show that artistic side of yourself and go crazy with your ideas for shapes and patterns for those shelves. Make your home an art exhibition with the shelves as your art pieces.

DIY Birch Shelves This is also one way of bringing nature into your home. This is quite a creative DIY for you. It involves using birch to hold up shelves, or at least pretend to hold up the shelves. The shelves should be attached firmly to the wall and the space between the shelves should be large enough to accommodate the birch that you want to use.

Rope and Shelves You can choose to use rope, to attach to the shelves so that it will look as though it is holding the shelves together. This DIY is also very creative. It would be best if you use a rope that looks strong enough to give the illusion of holding the shelves together. You can also choose the color of the rope either to match with the wall on which the shelves are attached to, or for the color of the rope to match that of the shelves themselves.

Multi Layered Hanging Shelves In this case, your shelves will, as a matter of fact be joined together with rope. You will need to make sure that the rope is tightly tied to the shelves, so that there is a reduction or limitation of movement of the shelves. The rope that’s attached to the shelves can be hanged on a hook on the ceiling or right on the wall. You can also choose the number of layers you want for the shelves.

Metal Rod Shelves If you prefer metal to be part of shelves, for stability, then this DIY is a must try for you. It involves connecting the wooden surfaces of the shelves to metal rods. The metal rods will be used for support, stability and to hold the wooden shelf surfaces together. On top of this, you can choose to add wheels at the bottom of the shelves. This will allow you to move the shelves to to any location in your home that you need them to be in.

Thick Shelves This DIY is quite a unique idea! You can choose to have thick layered surfaces for your shelves. This idea is simple and yet it will bring class to the room in which you install the shelves in. You can also choose to use the mahogany colored wood for the shelves. This color also brings a sense of sophistication and class.

Ladder Shelf If you love reusing things, then this DIY is one you can use. This DIY involves remodeling your old ladder and turning it into a creative and new set of shelves. You can repaint the ladder so that it is that of the color that you want it to be.

DIY Pipe Shelf This DIY is another absolutely incredible idea! This will be taking uniqueness and creativity to a whole new level! You will be using pipes to connect the shelf surfaces to the walls. The best pipes to use will be the ones that are used at corners, the ones that have a curve. With these, you will be able to easily connect the shelves to the pipes.

DIY Bricks on Shelves Cement bricks can be used to hold up your shelves. This is quite cheap and not expensive. You can easily use the bricks in your back yard to hold up wooden surfaces so to be shelves. Just as simple as that! You will get to have your very creation as part of your furniture.

Classy Shelves For this DIY you will need to use classy looking shelf holders. Then, you will to paint both the shelf and the shelf holder into the same color, preferably colors related to class. For example, you can use colors such as white, black or mahogany.

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