12 Things that Can’t Go in Waste

1.Wine Cork Memory Line

1.Wine Cork Memory Line

Repurposing is fun. Sometimes I wish things to get old fast so I can play around with them. I’m weird, I know. Anyway, using old stuff to make new is economic and forces you to be creative. It is a mission that whenever I complete, I feel like a hero who saved something from the mouth of the bin. There are a lot of things that can be recycled. Now let me take you down the short list of things you should never throw. Start looking around your house and mark what you should be keeping. I hope this will be helpful to you.

Wine Cork Memory Line

To the wine drinkers, don’t throw the corks away. These corks can do a lot of things, memory line being one of them. Write on them and store them there. These could be memories of your own or every time you opened a bottle of wine with family or friends, you write. Life is all about the memories we share with people so dear to us.

Pipe Cleaners

Allow your kids to have a little fun with the pipe cleaners. They are safe to use and they come in perfect size and different colors which will be more interesting and appropriate for them. These pipe cleaners can be crafted into a sparkly crown, dancing princess, rose rings and other bunch of fun crafts for kids. It has easy projects that kids can do alone but doing this project together with them is actually a nice bonding time.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Yes toilet paper rolls. Did you think they could never be useful? Well, NO. Your kids are missing a lot of interesting craft work with these. Here are duct tape cuff bracelets which are basically rolls cut into two halves and decorated with colorful tapes. Then there are paper teacups rolls and little monsters. This will add more fun to your kids, make them work and explore their potentials with the toys crafted by their hands.

Old Books

There are many ways of recycling the old books. Old is gold and books are treasures. No matter how old they can be, they still come with a perfect rustic atmosphere around. You can make a vintage book planter, book books resin paper wire forms lamp as well as a book headboard. These are only few to mention but DIY has many great ideas to do with books.

Old Ladder

Is there an old ladder in your store? Don’t throw it yet, I am about to whisper good news for you. Ladders can make a perfect laundry rack. You choose the height you want to hang and it makes your work easy. You can have your long dresses and coats drying straight without shrinking.

Old Door

Spice up your wall with an old door. Old is magic, it never goes wrong anywhere. You may also use this old door to decorate your headboard. It is an inspirational piece of art. Try it and bring a difference on your wall.

Old Belts

How many versions of hanging shelves do you know? Add a belt one too on your list. I always like to be unique; I want someone to find something different from an ordinary thing. Just when you thought leather belts have no more hope, DIY kicks in with this.

Vintage Suitcases

When suitcases can’t escort you on your trip anymore, there is so much they can do at home. Repurposing suitcases make amazing coffee table tops, or make them new again by covering them with a fabric, stacked vintage suitcase nightstand, vanity and towel holder. There are too many others, just don’t throw them.

Old Umbrellas

You may not be able to afford a fancy coat hanger but I’m sure you can attain one without using anything from your pockets. The umbrella’s handle can be repurposed into a coat hanger and can handle two four coats depending on its length.


You may have worn out clothes that you want to throw away or repurpose, remove the buttons and save them for this art. You may also be sewing and I’m sure there will be one button left each time, spare them and in the end you can add a frame to your button collection. Looks awesome!

Paper Bags

Try to be creative and think of ways to recycle papers. Here is one of the examples, weaving them to attain stylish baskets. I am sure there are more ideas you can think of.

Bicycle Wheels

I have seen many DIY projects on old car tires, they are amazing. But I have discovered that not just car tires can be recycled, bicycle wheels too can. Nothing really goes to waste with DIY.

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