12 Incredible and Unique Denim Ideas

7. Duvet cover

7. Duvet cover

12 Incredible and Unique Denim Ideas

Dare to be different! Turn your home décor and furniture into some absolutely incredible artworks. Not only will you impress yourself with these decors, but, you will get to impress everyone else who will get to see your furniture and décor. If you have worn out denim clothing, you do not have to throw them away. Re-use the denim and turn that piece of clothing into something incredible! Here are 12 incredibly unique ideas involving denim  for you.


You can cut out the back pocket of those jean trousers and turn them into storage pockets for those small, easy to lose objects. You can sew or stick the denim pockets to a larger cloth, or to a piece of wood.

Denim Bag

If you are crafty or good with a needle, you can easily join together a piece of denim cloth together into a bag. This is creative and artsy!

Book Cover

You can use the part with pockets as a book cover. This means you also get to use the pocket to keep what you use to write with in.

Denim Covered Armchair

It is not every day you see an armchair covered in denim! This will give a room a unique look and feel. This is creative and fun!

Denim covered Cushions

This is different from your everyday cushion cover. You can use different shades of denim for different cushions, or experiment with it and use different shades for the same cover.

Table Mats

Denim material is strong and tough enough to be used as table mats for hot or cold things. This creative and definitely unique!

Duvet Cover

You can chose to use different shades  of denim together or the same shade for a duvet cover. If you choose different shades, you get to create a unique pattern for the duvet cover.

Denim Couch

This is quite different from other couches. You can easily impress those who will see this couch with the denim.

Denim Sitting set

In this case, you will be adding denim on denim. This will give your sitting set a unique look. You can decide to change the color theme of the room to match the denim shade, and this will make the whole room pop.

Pocket Stationary Holders

You can stick a collection of denim pockets to a wall close to your work table. You will be able to use the pockets as holders for your stationary. This is quite a creative idea!

Denim Décor

You can sew or stick together pieces of denim to make some decorations for a room. Put the denim together to make different fun shapes.

Cup Holders

You can you the denim to make cup holders. Cut the denim into strips and then stick it together whilst you roll it to make a mat.

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