12 Incredible ideas for Cozy Benches

5. Cozy Corner Bench

5. Cozy Corner Bench

It’s great to be unique at times. In some instances benches are better than chairs. You can substitute chairs with benches for different uses in your home. The change will bring in not only a different look for your home, but also the atmosphere in the home. Benches will help create a friendly and comfortable feeling in your home. There will be a different feel of welcoming as well. Benches are more or less unique and the definitely the change you have been wanting for your home or for your yard.

Storage Bench

This DIY is amazing because it allows you to have extra storage space as well as a bench. The storage area is the bottom part of the bench. You can choose to use baskets or containers to place your objects then put the containers or baskets underneath the bench. This will not only provide you with a place to sit, but also help keep you home tidy.

Portable Reading Bench

If you love to read in different environment, then this is a must have for you. With this bench, you get to have your own mini library underneath the sitting surface of the bench. This way when you feel like reading, all you have to do is sit on the bench and grab a book of your liking from underneath the bench. Another advantage of this bench is the fact that it has wheel underneath. This means you can easily push or pull the bench so that it is situated where you want it to be.

Coat Rack Bench

This is such a creative idea for your home. With this idea, you get to have a place to sit as you remove your coat and outside shoes, or to put them on as well. The benefit of this bench is that it offers a place to keep your shoes as well as your coat.

Cushioned Bench

You get to add more comfort to your benches with this idea. Your benches do not have to be all hard wood all the time, but you can add some cushions. You can choose to make your cushions bright in color so to look even more friendly and attractive.

Cozy Corner Bench

This bench is best put in that one corner where you love to sit and curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a treat. You can paint the bench and it’s surrounding with warm, calming and relaxing colors of your choice.

Simple Bench

This bench can be used just as décor if you like. It is a simple bench where you can place a few plant underneath for a natural look. You can use the bench to keep your well folded throw pillows and fluffy, warm comforters. You can also choose to place on it some other decorations for your home.

Yard Bench

I love to go out and sit in my yard for a breath of fresh air and watch as nature does its thing. If you are in the same boat as I am, then this bench is brilliant idea for you. This bench gets to provide a place to sit when you are out in your yard. You can place on it an easy to remove cushion so to be able to remove it in case of bad wet weather.

Sofa Bench

This bench is as it sounds. It is a bench with the characteristics of a sofa. It provides you with arm rests and a place to lean on to give you support as you sit. This bench can be placed out on your verandah so you can be comfy as you sit out as well. You can place on the bench a lot of cushions, with colors of your choice.

Outside Bench

This bench is perfect if you plan to have a lot of gatherings outside. On a warm sunny day, you can sit out on this bench and just absorb the heat altogether. The bench is long enough to cater for a number of people. The shape of the bench is also quite convenient because you can decide to sit on the bench facing any side of your choice.

Simple Garden Bench

This bench is quite easy to make. All you need is some slab stones to pile up so to use as the legs for the bench and a wooden surface large enough to be sat on and long enough to sit well and steadily on the slab stones. You can place around the bench some flowers and plants so that you will be surrounded by plants as you sit and relax.

Wood and Brick Bench

This is quite a creative and artistic made bench. It involved the combination of two materials to make the bench. The bricks help create a steady balance for the bench. This bench will make your home look artsy.

Porch Bench

This porch bench is a great idea if you love to sit out and bask in the sun. the bench can be placed in angle where it is facing the sun so to enable you to absorb as much sun as you like.

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